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  1. Hello all you lovely people~
    I would formally introduce myself as Kat and any other nickname you may make up for me. I'm a simple girl looking for an amazing role play and would love to find one.

    A Little bit about myself!
    I am a girl at the age of sixteen and I have four years of role playing experience under my belt . Since I am a female I feel most comfortable playing as female characters but I can play male characters as long as it's MxM. And in that note I am comfortable with role playing all relationships, FxF...MxM...MxF and I have ideas for all of them. (Not. Really for MxM, but I would love to come up with one with my partner.

    Now onto the lame part, my rules and expectations...boooooo

    1.Please be literate and Grammatical, I'm not a grammar genius but I don't want to spend three hours of my life trying to figure out what you're trying to say.

    2. Please be able to post at least twice daily and don't abadon me midway through an rp.

    3. I would like you to be able to post at least two paragraphs or more I don't really have a limit but the longer your post is the longer it'll be for me to reply so keep that in mind.

    4. I do have a life! It might not be extravagant but I do have a life so don't pester me about posting, though you do have a right if it's been three days minimum and I haven't posted yet.

    5. I'm an easy person to get along with so don't be afraid to ask me questions or try and change the plot to where it suits both of us, I'm also looking for friends so don't count me out just yet.

    6. I don't like too cutesy characters, they just annoy me I don't know why but don't have your girl extra innocent without any deep dark secrets cause no one is that innocent, and plus it gets boring.

    7. I like outgoing characters, I'm okay with introverted characters but please...there's a line, don't cross it

    8. There is no eight...I just wanted this to be even...so RANDOM KITTEN

    Okay that's done so now onto plots and pairings. (So many colors!)

    (This * means that's the part I want to play
    This <3 means I really wanna do it)

    Bad boy x Good Girl* <3
    Bad Girl x Good Girl*
    Bad Boy x Bad Boy
    Bad Girl x Bad Girl <3
    Boss x Employee*
    Master x Servent*
    Servent x Masters Daughter* <3
    Straight* x Homosexual

    In the closet* x Openly <3
    Celebrity x Non-Fan* <3
    Singer* x Guitarist
    Best Friend x Best Friend <3

    Criminal* x Civilan/Cop <3
    Dystopian Future <3
    Rekindled Romance <3
    (MxF FxF MxM)

    Plots Plots Plots!!!

    Plot 1: Muse A and Muse B were two different people, Muse A was a working girl and Muse B had everything handed to him/her in his/her life. But the story is way more complicated than it seems. Muse B was the son/daughter of a huge mafia boss and Muse A was one of the workers at the club that Muse B's father let him/her own. Then the story gets even more complicated, Muse A is working for another gang that Muse B has learned to hate, in fact she was the daughter of the all female gang that has been in war with Muse B's gang for the longest time. Now what happens when they learn to love each other with all of the lies that Muse A has told for the period of her knowing Muse B, and what happens if Muse B finds out of her betrayal and lies.
    •I'm looking for someone to play Muse B whether that be male or female
    •And I'm looking for Muse B to be the sort of bad boy/girl that has a live like you'll die mind frame (don't worry it's not a bad in good plot my character will be bad too)

    Plot 2:
    We live in a world where there was a peace treaty set between vampire and human, the year was 2030 and humans let vampires live among them as if they weren't different, until the attack of 2034 when a group of new born vampires killed a mass of humans. The peace treaty was ignored and now every vampire that was seen was either shot on spot or expelled from the state/country they lived in. Muse A had a huge secret that she couldn't tell anyone for the sake of her family and herself, they had been expelled from three places because her loud drink uncle couldn't keep his mouth shut. But they never drunk human blood, most vampires didn't drink human blood but used pigs blood as a substitute, but humans didn't know that...and she hated humans. Muse B was the popular student who was loved by everyone for his/her academics and extracurricular sports, but every girl that seemed to ask him/her out was turned down...even the most beautiful girl daisy was shot down by Muse B. One day while Muse A was taking the train home she came across Muse B and instantly had a desire because of how see his/her blood smelt. She even made a slip up and leaned over to suck on his/her neck. Now she has a huge problem with Muse B trying to encounter her at ever turn to ask her why she did what she did, and trying to keep him from telling anyone what happened.
    •Looking for Muse B!

    Plot 3:
    Muse A and Muse B were deeply in love, two different people from two different sides of the tracks. Muse A had grown up with a rich household and was given everything that she ever wanted, and Muse B was the comeplete opposite...the son/daughter of a mafia lord who had to work for everything that he/she wanted. But despite all the odds they still fell in love and ended up getting married. But what Muse B hadn't told Muse A was that he/she had inherited the whole gang from his/her father and was now the powerful and infamous crime lord. Everything was happening under her nose and when she finds out nothing is the same, but she still loves he husband/wife and refuses to leave him/her. What will they have to overcome to stay together and what will Muse A have to overlook to stay with Muse B.

    Bye my lovelies and I hope to see some interest~

    ((And if you want some type of guidance on what type of plays I do then check out my roleplay resume))
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  2. Well I'm kinda interested in the Singer x Guitarist (Being a guitarist myself, except I'm a bassist) I'm interested in others but I dont know if I could get into them as well.
  3. Well if you want to talk about it just pm me! I actually wouldn't mind to do the singer x guitarist
  4. Still open!

    Update on plots!
  5. Very interested in the second plot, I'd happily play Muse B. c;
  6. Yay just pm me so we talk about it
  7. Bad Boy x Bad Girl pleae! <3
  8. Really okay~
    Pm me so that we can discuss plot and details
  9. I'm interested in the ServentxMaster's Daughter (as long as it doesn't involve slaves) or the rekindled romance. That one sounds cool. What is your plot for those two?
  10. Still open and looking for more partners!