Oh, That's Nice

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  1. We can all be happy about things, but some of those things we're happy about aren't always enough to warrant a dance and a megaphone. Thus, this thread. For those little things that make your day.

    There wasn't that much on calculations in the C3 today - which is great, I'm terrible at the formulae in chemistry.
    I also unboxed a strange Persian Persuader in TF2 today. I shouldn't have opened the crate, I know - it's a waste of money. But still, the general reaction to me getting it was more or less:
    It was my reaction as well.
  2. Let's see. What made my day today:

    Oh yeah! Last day of high school for me! Wee weee!
    Hmm slept 3 hours when I got home
    Played around 4 hours of Diablo 3. Booo yah!
    And, my bf came today to see me (he's here at the moment reading this post)

    That's what made my day today. xD
  3. I found the forum that I used to post on all the time! :D
    *pokes Iwaku*
    I think a certain website knows what i'm talking about <3 lol