Oh that Paorou~!

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Cosmic Orion

Original poster
Even though he and Asmodeus are no longer admins, they're still playing tricks on each other.



Why? Because Pao is a dick.

And insane.

And quite possibly DR. FRAISER CRANE.
Pao was never an admin.

This IS insanity.

Not everything is ACCURATE.
Whatever you say, Chester.
No. That would be Orochi. Just go ask him.
So Orochi & Razilin totally AREN'T gay for eachother then?
We do not discuss what goes on between them. However, they are both Asian males, so use your imagination.
Orochi skipped the Robin phase and went straight to Nightwing.

I like to think of myself as Jason Todd.
Rory is just sad he doesn't have his own comic series.

I just figured you'd wanna be Superman what with the eyebeams.

Unless you'd rather be Cyclops.
Paorou does not get his own superhero status.
Onion, I label this a failure of yours.
Yes, his e-peen isn't big enough.
so then that one person did that one thing and caused that one guy to happen ot have that one momnet (checking to see if my schools internet sucks or not )
No, your intertoobs does not work.