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  1. Name:



    Personality: [Opt]

    Biography: [Opt]

    Teacher or Student:


  2. Name: Lillian Sohma


    Gender: Female

    Personality: [Opt]-I shall develop my character as I go on~~ ^u^

    Biography: [Opt]- ^ Same.

    Teacher or Student: Student

    Other: Straight A student
  3. Name: Alexander Masters

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Teacher or Student: Teacher

  4. ((Will you be kind enough to start? ^U^ I hate starting xD Unless I have a firm idea.)
  5. Alexander wrote down his last name in perfect calligraphy on the white board. Turning around, he faced the students, every single on of the inside. "Good morning, everyone. First of all, I'd like every single one of you to turn in last night's homework."

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    In one of the front seats next to one of the windows, a 17 year old transfer student had settled into her seat. It was her first day at this school. Lillian Sohma had been moved by her parents to this lesser school. The girl had pale perfect skin, long blonde hair that had natural tight curls at the ends of each lock. She had soft pink eyes and a perfectly ironed school uniform on. Her parents were successful business people and she lived a leisurely life, with maids who cleaned and personal chefs. Yes, a bit old fashioned, but it was more then relaxing.

    She taps her pencil slightly against her now open notebook. She missed her old school and expected this one to be a complete waste of time. Some rival girls at her old Academy had finally managed to frame her for something indecent and she'd been put on a limited time expulsion. What crap... She sighs a bit glancing out the window.
  7. Alexander's eyes roamed over the room as the students piled their homework on his desk, his golden eyes spotting the new girl's appearance. Smiling, he stood up and walked towards her direction, standing in front of the girl's desk. "You're the new transfer student, correct?" He kept his eyes on her, feeling some sort of attraction towards the new blonde girl.
  8. Lillian pauses in the middle of tapping her pencil and looks up slightly at the teacher standing in front of her. She sits there for a moment, not saying anything. He wasn't bad looking... What was she thinking? This is the kind of thing she was FRAMED with. She slowly stands up out of her chair and nods a bit, politely, a sign of her status and usual habits.

    "Yes, sir, my name's Lillian Sohma. I was transferred from the Kautome Academy of the Arts and Sciences," she replies smoothly. The school was more commonly known as "The Academy", a prestigious school for only the genius, or the rich. And on rare occasions, both.
  9. Alexander had become rigid and shocked to see such a good-mannered student, majority of the students here thought they were the boss since they had money, which wasn't entirely true. Alexander had reported many of his students before, which got his students to become miserable since their parents would take their most valuable things from them, such as phones and computers. "Well, welcome Ms. Sohma."
  10. The blonde noticed the teachers surprise and held back a slight smirk. Just as she thought. This school was much less in terms of quality. The Academy, the one she'd been transferred from, was the highest quality school there was. Manners were impeccable, and anything less would've been unacceptable.

    She smiles, however, and nods again, folding her hands in front of her, "Thank you sir." A's here would be easy compared to the Academy. Too easy. She hides the slight scowl of disappointment. This would be a waste of time. Nothing of interest would ever happen. Especially to her. She had such a dull and mundane life. At least, as mundane as a rich persons life could get, which was pretty mundane. She barely had to do anything for herself. It was a surprise she didn't have someone walking FOR her. Needless to say, it was boring and she wanted something more to happen.
  11. Alexander saw every single one of the students sit back in their seat, majority of the quiet and waiting for him, while some were texting or talking with their classmates. "Come and introduce yourself," Alexander said with a smile.
  12. Lillian nods. She wasn't that shy of a person, quite confident in herself, her looks, her status. Everything. She walks out from behind her desk and to the front of the class, turning facing them, hair flowing a bit as she turns. She had an angelic look and aura to her you could feel across the room. It was like she was the embodiment of perfection.

    "Hello, I'm Lillian Sohma. I think you've heard of my family," she bows slightly, as the tradition in manners was, "I'm 17, and I've been transferred for the rest of the school year from the Kautome Academy. It's a pleasure," this part was a lie through her perfect white teeth, "to be here." She bows a little bit again, "If anyone needs any help with anything, I'll be willing to do my best."
  13. Alexander noticed that a few of the boys were gazing at Lillian, which made jealously rise up in his stomach. "Thank you, Lillian, you may return to your seat now," He dismissed her, giving the boys a look to cut it off, which made them immediately look back down at their textbooks. "Now, turn to page 460 in your books, please and thank you."
  14. Lillian knew the boys were looking at her. She really didn't mind, couldn't care less. She was used to it. It was part of her daily life no matter where she was. The setting just decided how obvious the gawking was. She nods as the teacher excuses her back to her desk and she walks over to it, sitting down calmly, opening her book as he instructed.

    She had a slight fascination with the teacher, an odd urge to stare at him. She liked his figure...and his personality seemed to be one of those that was hard to resist. Especially for her. But he was a teacher, for goodness sake, and she was a student. A transfer-limited-time student on top of it. She looks down at her book a bit, mentally scolding herself. Come now, don't lose your perfect little image Lily baby. It was something her parents prided her on. Not for her intelligence, not for her looks, not for her success and responsibility... For her perfect little daughter image. Their clients loved her. She was like her parents personal mascot.

    She's drawn out of her thoughts as she focuses on the lesson. She learned this loooong ago. Like she thought originally, waste of time.
  15. Alexander had noticed something in Lillian's expression, but couldn't seem to figure out what was on her mind. He continued on explaining about the lesson that they were going to be taking, and the pages that they would have to read until class was over. Groans from students sounded, which tempted him to roll his eyes, but he didn't.
  16. Lilian doesn't make a sound however. She'd already memorized it all when she learned it before. She gazes out the window, keeping herself from looking at her new teacher. So what if he was good looking? There had been better looking guys all over the place at the Academy. Why was this one catching her eye? The teacher?

    Unknowingly, she lets out a slight snort to herself at the thoughts. Her teacher... Perhaps she wasn't getting enough sleep. That must've been it. Not enough sleep was effecting her thought processes. She'd never really been interested in anyone at all in a sexual or even love like attraction before. Too interested in her books and keeping her parents happy. She never had any use for someone like a boyfriend. They all seemed so clingy....
  17. From a rather long distance away, Alexander could hear Lilian's low snort. He looked up from the homework papers, his golden eyes on her perfect face. She's beautiful, Alexander thought, but once he realized what he did think, he immediately looked back down at the papers and continued on grading. She's a student, he's a teacher, not to mention completely older than she is.
  18. The student moves her gaze to her textbook from the window, tapping her panted pink fingernail against it's pages, glancing over the text absently. She lets her thoughts drift, out and away from the school, and definitely away from her teacher. It was simply unhealthy and an attraction like that would lead to disaster... Lillian shuts her light pink eyes, crossing her legs under the table in her short uniform skirt, the crossed over leg's foot tapping slightly in mid air.
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    The class comes to an end as the lunch bell rings and Lillian stands up picking up her things before pausing, looking over at the teacher and she hesitates before walking over to his desk as the other students leave, "Sir?"
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