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  1. Light My Heart Aflame!
    The Details!
    ello there all who clicked! Let’s jump to the details. This is obviously a one on one mature roleplay search. I’m looking for about a 50:50 ratio when it comes to sex and story. I don’t mind it getting smutty, I don’t mind lewd details of passion, I just want some build up to it follow me? The genre listed are all lenitive, you may always suggest something new, or combine any number of them to your likings. Though this is a one on one I prefer we play it on the forums, simply put I don’t want to clean my inbox and delete your post and you be upset. Lastly at this time only I’m accepting lesbian play only. That’s no offense to those who enjoy hetero play, or even those men who may read this, different strokes for different folks that’s all. Lastly if you are interested please, please, please, send me a PM AND reply to this thread. The chances of me getting one or the other are high, it also bumps the thread and helps me get more people, or the right person in the saddening event we do not match up. Help a sista out yeah? Now on with you to the rest!

    The Expectations!

    I’m legally blind, so if at all possible I’d like it if you color coded your text. Body Text in one legible color, and ‘quoted’ text in another equally legible color.

    I prefer activity in my partners. I understand life issues so just be so kind as to keep my posted, but I prefer a reply to be sent at least once every 2 days. I really don’t bug people about posts, this is just a preference.

    Creativity is a must, don’t make me feel like I’m the only one coming up with rp idea’s. If this was a group play and I was the DM I’d understand, but neither are true so let’s work together okay?

    As stated above, 50:50 sex and story, it could even be 30:70 or anywhere between, I find the ‘sexy moments’ to be those concealed in life. You know what moments I mean. When your girlfriend gets into the car and she smells absolutely amazing, or she bends over to grab a pan to cook with and her skirt flips up a second or two. When she accidently speaks in that soothing tone that’s just right to push your buttons. So on so forth.

    I prefer a certain level of ‘literacy’ in my partners. I hate using this term because it makes me sound like a bitch so let me clarify. I’d like you to write a minimum of 2 paragraphs for just about every post. A paragraph is 7+ sentences in this case. The first paragraph can almost always be responses to my post, and the second be the adding of new information.

    I want to ‘hear’ your characters thoughts. Please also put these in a separate color from Body Text and Speech Text

    Third Person Past Tense is what I prefer to rp in. So all verbs have ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ to them and you use ‘he, she, it’ unless speaking.

    Please communicate with me, tell me you are leaving out of town, tell me you are busy next week, so on so forth.

    Lastly, though this is optional. I would like to use some of my ‘kinks’ or ‘fetishes” which can be found in my Mature Resume on my profile. This is not a hot button issue if you aren’t interested in using them just calmly say “Sorry not for me but I do want to rp” and we’ll move on with life. Thanks reading this portion.

    The Genre!
    Fantasy: This includes all of the werewolves, vampires ect. This could also simply be a fantasy world with humans.

    Modern: Normal every day setting, this can be combined with Fantasy or Sci-fi I don’t mind.

    Sci-Fi: From Allliens to rocket cars and anything else in this area. I’m a huge Star Trek fan, not so much Star Wars but I know it enough. If you want this genre I’d love you.

    Super Heroines: Marvel, DC, Orignal Characters. I love this genre it’s one of my favorites.

    Goddess’s: If you want to play your character as an immortal being falling for some ‘lower life form’ I’m okay with this.

    Furries/Anthro’s: I’m also okay with your character being an ‘animal’ of sorts. Those of you that rp this Genre know more of what I mean, those that don’t go google it, I give a terrible description here.

    Boarding School: Yeah if you want a ‘college dorm’ feel, or you want just a ‘we are roommates’ feel you get the idea here.

    Various Canon’s: I’ve seen Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist (brotherhood), Ikkitousen, Queens Blade, Stratos 4, One Piece, (Up to Skypia), Freezing, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter (no book 7), Brave New World, 1984, A Clock Work Orange, Witch Blade, Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, and much more if you want any of these just ask.
  2. Hey I'm PM'ing you with a Role Play Idea ^__^
  3. Thought your request was interesting. Hopefully we can discuss a role play together

    hahaha I figured out the color :)
  4. I'll be PMing you with all the ideas I like, and all the information.