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    Oh, Iwaku! Being sick really sucks, everyone can agree on that.
    However, from a mild case of the sniffles to the flu and more...
    What's the most sick you've ever been? What exactly were you sick with?
  2. Being sick does suck! Luckily for me, my immune system kicks all sorts of ass and I'm rarely ill. Even when I am, it typically only lasts a day or two. However, one time...

    I had a particularly nasty stomach bug that stayed with me for a whole week. I couldn't keep down anything the first few days. Only water and broth after. Not even the noodles in soup worked. I couldn't eat. That whole time.

    I've never felt so hungry and miserable in my life and I'm glad I haven't had to relive it.
  3. I have an impressive immune system. I rarely get sick anymore since I was so very sick as little Juku.

    My sickness was severe sinusitis where I had to be hospitalized for a few months and be out of school for that period of time.
    And it involved a lot of needles and tubes since I was too young to take pills. >_>

    But, I'm thankful for it because I'd probably be sick to this day still..
  4. The worst sick I have ever been was one so bad I had to take antibiotics. I was sick for at least four months and so bad I missed the entire last month of school during my 10th grade year. D: So bad, that I had to sleep on the couch downstairs cause I didn't have the energy to go UPstairs. (and we didn't have air conditioning upstairs so I might've just died.) I couldn't talk, coughed up gross things. And it kinda killed one of my eardrums so sometimes I have a hard time hearing people if they speak too low or if there's other sounds around. >< I was sick for a good month or two before I was finally taken to the doctor. >:[ I can't even remember what the infection was. t____t
  5. The most sick I ever was, I had mono. For over a month. For those of you who don't know what it is, YOU ARE FCKING LUCKY. It never goes away - like asthma. You feel really tired and just all around BLAH.

    Worst part?

    Six months after I got better, I started losing my hair. Delayed side effect. I didn't go completely bald but I had thin spots so I couldn't wear my hair up for over a year while it all grew back! Talk about awful for a girl who now never has her hair DOWN!
  6. I almost never gets sick :3 I catch a cold like two times a year x)

    Around every second or third year I get a fever though, it often don't last longer than three days then it goes back into a cold instead :) So I have a fucking awesome immune defense xD moahhahah

    But last year I got really sick. It started with fever that I had during three days, it was much higher than I used to have but I were able to keep it down with medicine. Then when the first three days was over then I felt better and not sick at all. The day after my healthy day though I woke up and couldn't talk, I went to the tv and sat there for a while and watched some program. Then I noticed that I got harder to breath, and it became worse and worse. And then dad was forced to drive me to the emergency ward. When it was at its worse when I got there then I could take two breaths before it became too difficult and I had to cough to be able to breath again.

    I didn't have to wait at all, they took me in immediately and gave me oxygen so that I would be able to breath x) Then I laid there for five and a half hour before they found a medicine that opened up my airways xD The next day I were better but still couldn't talk.

    The funny thing were that it was nothing wrong with me except the breathing part and that I couldn't talk, once I got the oxygen it felt like I were healthy again and I wanted to run around xD hahaha

    Oh and that was the first time I
    *Got oxygen
    *Went to the emergency
    * took a blood test
    *Was really sick
    *got my blood pressure checked
    *Used an inhaler

    I got so much experience that day xD
  7. My immune system is amazing. I don't get full blown colds and such, I just sneeze a lot for a day and its gone. The only way I know that I was even sick is because everyone else in the house will come down with an awful cold :P

    There has only been one time I have ever gotten really sick... Well, to, but I'm pretty sure that one was just once in a life time car sickness :/

    Anyway, about grade..2? I came down with Bronchitis. Made it difficult to breathe at times, but I thought it was manageable. So did my parents. The only reason we even went to a doctor is because I woke up one night coughing because I couldn't breathe :/

    But yeah, we got that cleared up, and it eventually went away after a couple of months.

    Killed any athleticism I had though :/

  9. I don't usually get sick since I have a pretty decent immune system, however, I have learned that when I do get sick it is either with something unusual or really bad.

    Apparently, when I was around two years old, I came down with something and the doctors could even figure out what it was. I had a 103-104 fever and could hold anything down without puking it back up. As a result I couldn't eat or drink anything. I was apparently so thirsty that I did some crazy stuff to try and get something to drink. This included trying to steal water bottles, tried to drink dish water from the sink and a washcloth that was near it, attempting to drink from a bubbler (aka a water fountain) while at the doctors office, and lastly (and the most crazy) I tried to drink toilet water >_< Thank god my mom stopped me in time before I could do any of those, especially the last one.