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  1. I'm rather in a one on one mood. What I'd really like right now is some Vocaloid or Death Note action. When I say Vocaloid I mean using one of their songs (and characters they portray in their songs) as a basis for the RP. Those weird creepy songs, they're my favorite. If you feel so inclined I'll give you a list of songs I like, but its rather long. Also Death Note is stuck in my brain right now, and I will never turn down a chance to RP with BB for those of you who know what I'm talking about. I would really kill for some DN right now!

    About Yours Truly
    I'm new here but I'm not new to role playing, I generally post about as much as I get. As a role player I try my best to stay in character, keep things moving, and allow my partner freedom to do their thing. If I feel I need to I will ask you to clarify or explain something in greater detail, in relation the the role play. I am competent but, I'm just not a genius. I like playing males, but I have no objections playing female if you're so resolved to play the male.

    What I'd like from You
    What I like most in partners is patience and fluidity. Someone who is easy to work with ans to get along with. It's nice to chat with you out of character about the role play or just whatever we feel like. Second to patience is staying in character, know who you are role playing and how they would act, not how you want them to act. That is where canon characters are concerned, Original characters of course are up to you just keep them open enough so that they don't clash too much with my characters.
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    Hi! I'd be willing to RP with you. Although I don't really RP based on songs and I have lost my taste for anime, but I would be willing to RP with you on the vampire subject. :)
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    That would be nice, if we came up with something. I don't have any particular ideas, It's been a while since any vampires crept into my RPs.
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    Well, I don't really have any new ideas, but the good old classic story line is fine with me if it'll work for you??? The only thing that I would like though, is to rp the female. Actually I did come up with something. Maybe your character could be a wounded vampire and my character finds him or something?
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    That would in fact work. I don't mind playing males, I usually do.
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    Cool! Let me know when you've got something up for rp.
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    First tell me if you want me to start this in a PM or a thread. You don't care when it takes place do you (like do you car if it's modern or say Victorian)?
    Sorry I ask a lot of questions.
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    It's alright. I understand.

    I would probably start this in a new thread, like the onexone rp or something. As for when it takes place, I generally like the modern era, but I was thinking that your character could be from the Victorian era? I really don't know anything about the Victorian era.
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    Notice me!