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  1. *The surrounding darkness is suddenly pierced with a laugh, followed by a great light from above, lighting a cloaked figure who back-flip grandly before landing gracefully right before it's audience with a great smile beneath the cowl.*

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I am Daigneault, pronounced DEIGN-OH and am pleased to finally find my place among you all. I shall not waste you precious time by telling you where I live, but will tell you this; I love to roleplay and am partial to all genres, providing the right plot and company. I come here seeking engaging roleplays and productive and mentally as well as emotionally profitable friendships and I hope to find them here!

    Now, I am an adult and prefer to play in the darker range of settings and emotions, but that does not mean that lighter roleplays and those of you that are younger don't have a place in some of my plots, so always feel free to ask me to play, whoever you are. I only despise jerks and elitism, the rest if free to stay and go as they please!

    I do ask one thing, we must all have fun! And with so, I leave you to do as you please, tata!

    *That said, the figure vanishes into the ambient darkness, the stage light gone as suddenly as it appeared. You only perceive rapid steps going away...*
  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and welcome. I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here! :3
  3. As do I, as do I!
  4. Hallo there Daigneault! O__O What a name! Welcome to the community! <3
  5. It's my mother's maiden name, so I thought I'll do an homage. :)
  6. Welcome to iwaku hope you have fun and make lots of friends :3
    Maybe we can RP sometime ^.^
  7. You sir, I hope to meet again in one of the RP. Take my welcome and have a lot of fun.
  8. Why do you disappear before you give people a chance say hi. SO SELFISH.
  9. Haha, who say I left, though?
  10. You did at the end of your intro post!
  11. Pfft, that was my stunt double, you think I can backflip like that? Puh-lease! >_>
  12. A stunt double is close enough to a clone...

    *grabs a knife and fork and pursues the double*
  13. "Uhmmm .. E-excuse me .. Sir!
    I -I th-hink you forgot this" says the tiny girl with trembling fingers she hands you the keys to the door. Even with the darkness surrounding Us, I can tell you are taller than me to!
    Why is everyone taller than me ?! *~ flatters hands~
    * lights up a candle so I see your face*

    Hello there.. Stranger with a cool name. Please enjoy your stay.;)
    Do join me in RP .. Sometime * offers a packet of Oreo biscuits trying to persuade you*
  14. Aah, thank you kindly~!
    Madam or Miss will do just fine, as well ;)!
  15. You are welcome .. I am a girl to xD So call me Kor ^^
    You should come around Jump in Rp section Miss ;))
  16. I shall do that once I wake up a little more, thank you for the oreos earlier :3!
  17. Alright ;). Is no problem .. I have plenty hidden under my sofa hehe
  18. You fancy people with your French surnames and most of you being from Quebec or Manitoba. So anyway, helloooooooo.
  19. *Is indeed from Quebec*

    Hi and thank you for passing by!
  20. Quick question- were those ohs meant to be read to the tune of Bad Romance? Every time I see this thread's title appear I get the intro running through my head. XD

    Oh, and welcome to the site. Your name is indeed awesome. O.O
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