Oh, oh hi.

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  1. Yes, yes hello there. You may call me Rumski. It's been a few years since I roleplayed and I just recently decided that I should probably get back on that train again since everyone around me seems to be hopping back on that train (even though it's all on tumblr).

    At the moment I am a 3rd year Motion Design student, but I'm also very, very big writing. I'm much more of a writer, actually. Goodness, I think I write more than I draw or animate! But other than that I spend a lot of time with horror video games. Mainly Siren, Rule of Rose, BioShock, and the first four Silent Hill games, hahaha.

    I'll probably jump into roleplaying after a day or two. I think I'll lurk some a watch how things are done. But in the meantime I'll probably be drawing anyone's character that I find particularly interesting or rather cool (or difficult to draw). Ha ha ha, the roleplays on here are very good for dynamic pose and environment studies!
  2. Greetings, Rumski!

    Welcome to Iwaku!
    Pretty cool field you're in! I'm sure others are interested so see your drawings!

    Make sure to let us know if you need help or anything.
  3. Welcome Rumski!
    I am glad to see new blood around here =^.^=
    My name is Nyx and if you
    need someone to write with let me know ^^
    Hope you have fun here.
  4. Hello there fellow artist and writer! I am studying to become a game developer and animator, but I'm not in school yet like you are. Le sigh.

    I love Silent Hill by the way. And I love Labyrinth + David Bowie if you are referencing the song "Underground" there under your pic. I'm also new and interested to see what you'll roleplay.
  5. My goodness! Thank you three for the warm welcome. The community here seems to be very warm and kind. I look forward to actually joining a few roleplays.

    And to Ekaetriana, I hope you can get into a nice school for your studies! I bet you'll do very well. Also, I am not referencing Bowie, but my goodness I now see what you mean. I can't hear the the word "underground" and not hear the song in my head, ha ha ha ha. Fantastic.
  6. *Hides her rps*

    Ahhh...the lurkers. They always make me embarrassed with their criticism and their chin rubbing, saying "Mmm...very nice." ECK!

    No, seriously. Welcome to Iwkau, Rumski. Iliana, Goddess of Fire, at your service. Psh. Service. As if you can tell me what to do. Haha! You made me laugh already! I like you! :D
  7. Hey and welcome to Iwaku!

    My name is Tetsuri Tokai, the Neko.

    Its nice to have you here and always great to see a new face!

    Welcome to the family!