Oh My! Magical Onsen?!

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.......... Your partner is the body you will be switching with
I meant that it's cool that all the partners complement each other perfectly.
Defrosting Ice King will come back around to Chou. He's just a male Kuudere. Yeah.
In the c-box, someone told me that this was dead, but then when I asked Fluffy, Iwaku crashed all dramatic-like, leaving me in suspense.

Is this still alive? I want to be sure.

And if it is, is Ariana around? My last post was rushed and doesn't leave much room for reply, but if this is going to live, I could edit it to something more "playable" with a few quick edits. Let me know.
I just learned that Katsu is sick and that's why she hasn't been around. So it's probably not all dead.
I think our Gms are going to be gone for a bit. I just wanted to see a show of votes if you guys wanted to continue this. I mean I want to and if majority votes go for keeping this thing alive, I guess we either hijack or let new characters in. Any thoughts?