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  1. Louis furrowed his eyebrows and looked at her as she curled herself into a ball. "You really think I'd do that again and beat you?" he asked her hurt that she was even think of him doing that to her. "Jade I would never in my life do that again to you" he said to her.

    Malia looked as Finn came up and she grinned. "Hey baby boy" she said smiling and picked him up and sat him on the bed and cuddled him as she ate breakfast. "Was you good for Daddy?"
  2. Jade sighed "It just takes one mistake and you've taken it again that's all I'm saying" She admitted and sighed "I don't trust you" She admitted whilst tears streamed down her cheeks.

    Finn cuddled into his Mum "Dada Dada Dada!" Was all he could say and he was grinning extremely brightly at her
  3. Louis shook his head. "Jade I wouldn't ever hurt you again, not even as a mistake, I wouldn't ever do it again, I never get angry and I'm never going to smoke or anything again" he said and sighed at what she said. "Then how come you said you'd marry me then if you don't trust me" he said to her as he brought his legs to his chest and wrapped his arms around them.

    Malia smiled as he cuddled into her and she carried on eating her breakfast and chuckled. "Yeah baby, Dada, when are you going to say mama"
  4. Jade just felt her heart completely break "Because I love you" She whispered in a hoarse tone and just couldn't even look at him anymore. She buried her face into the gap between her chest and her legs and began to cry again.

    Finn just giggled at her and kept muttering Dada under his breath as he giggled and he cuddled closely into her.
  5. Louis looked at her and sighed. "And I love you too babe, I really do" he said and sighed as she started crying and he wrapped his arms around her. "Oh babe, don't cry or I will start crying"

    Mali smiled at him as he cuddled her. "Baby what about Mama" she asked him again. "Mama" she said and finished her breakfast, putting the tray to the side.
  6. Jade cuddled herself into him and just cried and cried and cried into him, she couldn't help it she was just so upset.

    Finn looked at her slightly confused as to what she was going on about.
  7. Louis held her close to him and kissed her head. "You never have to fear me, you can trust me Jade, I am never, ever going to hurt you in my life, never again am I going to do what I did to you, never and you can trust me on that" he said to her softly as she cried into him.

    Malia looked at him and pouted as she held onto him and stood him up on her lap. "Not going to say Mama?"
  8. Jade was sobbing into him "I want to trust you I really do but I can't and that breaks my heart because I'm so crazily in love with you that it kills me inside!" She wept into him "When I look at you I see everything I've ever wanted! I want to marry you, spend my whole life with you! Have more kids with you! Your my absolute world baby!" She cried to him sadly.
  9. Louis hugged her to him and sighed as she spoke and he gave her head a kiss. "I don't know what to suggest then baby, I guess time will tell if you start to trust me again, which I sure hope you do eventually"
  10. Jade sniffled sadly "Well what if I don't?" She asked with a small crack in her voice.

    Finn looked at his Mum, then back at his Dad before back at his Num again and said "Ma...Ma?" In a questioning tone.
  11. Louis pursed his lips at what she asked. "I don't know, maybe we should stay engaged and just see if you trust me, if you start trusting me again, then we can start arranging our wedding"

    Malia's eyes lit up happily at what her son just said. "You clever bit Finn, you just said Mama, you said it" she said and gave him a big loving kiss.
  12. Jade sniffled "But if I don't then thats it isn't it" She said and couldn't even look at him anymore. It was absolutely killing her inside and she couldn't bare it anymore.

    Finn squealed and giggled happily and gave his Mother a tight squeeze "Mama" He chanted excitedly.
  13. "Well I wouldn't exactly want us to break up and things Jade, even if you still didn't trust me" Louis said as he held her close. "Even if you didn't trust me, I'd easily stay with you" he said to her and holding her close to him.

    Malia smiled a wide grin and kissed her sons head. "Yeah baby mama and mama loves you so much" she said smiling.
  14. Jade sniffled and shook her head "No babe marriages can't work without trust! Relationships can't work without trust and one day if I still can't trust you its just going to snap and that'll be it, and we won't even be able to look at each other but we'll have to for Yasmine!" She cried to him and shook her head "I honestly think we should go see someone, therapist or something baby because I really, really don't want to ever loose you over this" She admitted lovingly and broken hearted ly.

    Finn squealed and clapped excitedly "Dada.... MAMA!" He said pointing to her and giggled happily "Thats right baby boy, Mama" He cooed softly and gave his head a gentle kiss.
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  15. Louis sighed as he leaned his head back against the wood of the tree house. "Jade if we don't work out because you don't trust me, then of course we'll have to work something out and be nice to each other for Yasmine sake" he said and shrugged. "If we want to see someone, then fine but it's you trusting me, that's all it is because I trust you"

    Malia smiled and ran her fingers through her sons hair and giggled. "You are such a clever boy" she said to him and gave him a kiss before cuddling into Niall. "We have two gorgeous kids babe"
  16. Jade sighed "I know its my trust thats the issue but its your fucking fault!" She almost shouted at him in frustration but sighed "Look I'll go on my own then seeing as its my problem" She said and buried her face into the palm of her hands.

    Niall nodded in agreement "Mmmh baby I totally agree" He said gently and ave her lips a loving kiss.
  17. Louis looked at her and sighed as she shouted at him. "Jade, Jade I know it is my fault that you don't trust me, I know that" he said and rolled his eyes. "Of course you don't have to go on your own, Jade I'd come with you, come on babe" he said to her softly and took a hold of her hands gently and took them off her face. "Where's your gorgeous and beautiful smile"

    Malia smiled and cupped his cheek, giving him the loving kiss back with a smile. "And I also have the best boyfriend ever " she said against his lips with a smile.
  18. Jade looked at him when he moved her hands and she cracked a smile, giggling a little and caved, she crawled back over to him and cuddled into him before pushing him down onto the floor of the treehouse and started to kiss him softly and lovingly as she straddled his waist.

    Niall grinned cheekily against her lips "Of course you do!" He said with a chuckle.
  19. Louis looked at her and smiled as she cracked a smile. "There's that gorgeous and beautiful smile I wanted to here, oh and that beautiful giggle I love hearing" he said and cuddled her back and laughed as she pushed him down and he kissed her back lovingly in the kiss.

    Malia smiled as he grinned cheekily against her lips and she laughed, giggling. "Mmhmm I really do have the best boyfriend ever, that loves and cares for me"
  20. Jade giggled against his lips as she laid ontop of him and kissed him gently and made it deeper gradually "I love you" She grumbled against his lips.

    Niall chuckled "But of course you are the amazing reason why I'm like that baby" He said and gave her another loving kiss.
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