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New York City. A place where the seemingly impossible happens every day... and more so now that various gods and other beings of myth have set up shop.

Literally, in the case of Hecate. The Greek goddess of magic was in her little fortune-telling booth, giving mortals what information she could. At present, she was divining whether or not a business deal would be made. Pouring various oils into a bowl of water, she studied the patterns intently. Truth be told, she didn't need to do this, but she liked the theatricality.

"Yes, you will be able to buy his company, but I cannot be sure whether the end result is good or ill."

"What? I thought you were a goddess!"

Hecate shrugged. "I call 'em like I see 'em- or don't, in this case."

The supplicant threw a couple of bills on the table and left, shaking his head in disgust. Hecate put her head in her hands. Why couldn't mortals get it? Not as many worshippers=not as much power. It wasn't exactly hard.
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Pretty much anything

Ryujin was currently living a solid life teaching kids how to swim, and different swimming techniques, other times swim racing, however today was the last day of the month. "Okay kids I'll see you after my trip" He walked into the girls bathroom when nobody was looking and closed the door.
And with every last day of the month comes a big change. Changing genders. Danella changed into some different clothes, then looked at her watch. "Shit!!! I'm gonna be late" she said. She ran out of the bathroom and out of the building. She ran a few blocks down to catch a cab. She told the driver to go to the beach. Once there she paid the driver and ran to the beach house, to check in. "Record time Danella, I thought you were gonna be late" "Can you not Jack!?" She said to the other employee in the room. "Boss says you got right outside today" "okay" she replied going to the changing room. She switched into her bright red one piece swimsuit, grabbed the life guard floater, glasses, and life guard badge, then left the beach house. She walked up to the high chair, when she heard some guys whistle at her. She ignored it. She then stood watch to make sure nobody drowned or broke beach rules.
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