Oh my Gods

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  1. The ancient deities of myth are very real. Greek, Norse, Shinto, Egyptian; all these pantheons and others were once worshipped, but have fallen on hard times. Now, they live in New York City, much reduced in power, but still capable of incredible feats. Some serve as defenders of the people, some sell their skills and knowledge, and some just try to get by as ordinary humans.

  2. It's different. I'd like to try this!
  3. Yes. It will be most interesting.
  4. You have caught my eye of attention sir~
  5. Alright.

    Are genderbends allowed?
  6. @Crow

    I'd have to think about that. What exactly do you have in mind?
  7. Cronus.
  8. Well it's said most gods can take the form of either gender except the ones that are specifically a certain gender, like the Greek gods they are actually able to take the form of either, ecxpet a select few.
  9. @Crow

    I'll allow it.

    OOC goes up tomorrow.
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  11. Dibs on Ryujin
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