Oh, Marvel, you magnificent bastards

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  1. Just saw this commercial.

    Its the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. The Awesome Mix Vol. 1 from the movie.

    Being sold starting Nov 28, 2014.

    On a fucking cassette.

    And Marvel even had the balls to predict this fucker's gonna sell by ending the commercial with #YOUREWELCOME.

    Well played, Marvel. Well played.

    Supposedly, the cassette will also come with a digital copy. You know. Because cassette players are still a thing.
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  2. I am likely gonna buy it. If only becouse I know the son of Björn Skifs, the singer behind "Hooked on a feeling."

    I am gonna blast that shit and sing of key untill he tries to take my head off.
  3. I think I may actually still have a tape deck at home!
  4. THIS IS WHY I HOARD OLD SHIT. Except I don't know where my tape deck is.

    Just remembered my gramps has a thingy in his house with a cassette player. He'll feel young again.

    Also he quotes that movie daily. So yeah...Guess I'm buying two.
  5. pshh I still got a perfectly functioning walkman that still see use with my old mixtapes.

  6. Awesome mix, indeed.
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  7. what amazes me is how some of this old gear still functions 20 years later, largely because they don't rely on laser like CD players did - and their flimsy emitters

    though i suspect that MP3 players will conceivably last the longest just because there aren't any moving parts

  8. I counter with:

  9. Or we can carry around a boombox. Speaking of which...I haven't seeen one in years.
  10. So long as the hard drive remains magnetized, yes. Which is why in computers with HDD's and not SDD's, you don't put magnets on them. "Magnets, how do they work?" Well, first, it corrupts the entire hard drive, then it demagnetizes it causing it to be unable to write data.



    gg no re RACKS otp ot3 op gg wp ftw gl have batman YAY FUCKING CARLTON and many other internet acronyms
  12. I was going to post the aliens guy. Sadly I no longer have him in my photos. I have failed.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I am content.
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  15. Yaeh, I have one.....
  16. [​IMG]


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  17. I went on amazon to look up cassette players, and they are a bit more espensive then I expected. Yeesh. :( lol
  18. Why, Amazon, why?
  19. Because it was a quick way to search. *Laziness activated*
  20. Try thrift shops, Goodwills, or rummage sales. They will be cheap and they are everywhere, at least around me they are.