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  1. Liel leaned forward from the bench. It was a particularly busy day in the mall, which would usually make her subconscious. Of course, today was one of those rare days were she didn't care. Everything else about Liel's life was so chaotic that the business of the mall almost seemed, she dare say it, orderly.
    A few weeks ago, Liel's Dad had been fired, and hadn't applied for a job yet. Her Mom had started working triple shifts at the restaurant that was a few blocks away from the mall. Liel was worried that if this went any further, she'd have to start working. Her parents had started fighting more often and the tension in the house was becoming more unbearable by the day. When Liel had woken up that morning, she could hear her parents yelling from downstairs. She had put on some clothes, and since it was Saturday, had gone down to the mall to clear her head. She didn't even tell her parents. Didn't even tell her brother, Gabriel.
    She sighed and put her head into her hands. What a great day, thought Liel.
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  2. Evan was running from trouble as usual. From stealing motorcycles to girls' sensitive hearts. He thought today was a great day to go steal from the skateboard shop from inside the mall. As soon as the mall opened up, Evan was ready for any piece of action he could get his eyes on. The mall was so busy that he knew he would get away with more than he bargained for. Outside the skateboard shop, he saw a girl crying on a bench nearby the wishing fountain. He grinned and thought it was the perfect time to get another woman in his life.
  3. As Liel sat and cried- hopefully she wasn't too loud- a voice from beside her spoke. "Are you okay?"
    She looked up to see a boy sitting next to her. He was a cute guy. Somewhere around Liel's age, with tousled, dark, brown hair and golden-brown eyes. And he was talking to her. Liel quickly wiped the tears from her cheeks, trying not to look him in the eyes.
    After a moment, or two, she finally replied, voice cracking a little,"Yea I'm fine. Yeah, I'm totally okay."
    She got up to walk away, when he grabbed her hand.
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  4. "You don't look fine. If you were fine, you wouldn't be crying." Evan dreamily stared into her greyish blue eyes. He thought, Why haven't I seen a girl like her before? He pulled her onto his lap. "What is wrong, beautiful?" Evan grinned with a cheesy kind of dorky smile.
  5. Somewhat shocked by his abruptness, Liel tried to get off of him, but failed. "Hey, what are you doing? Look, I really am fine. I don't even know you."
    Which was true, though in the back of her mind, he felt familiar. The way he looked, how he touched her, even the way he smiled at her, seemed very familiar some how. Liel tried to get off of him again, because people were starting to stare. When she did, she turned on him, and saw a strange look cross his face. Almost hurt. But then it was gone before she could confirm it and was replaced with a grin.
  6. As soon as she walked away, Evan noticed she left her purse. He ran up behind her with a boyish grin. His grin was so big you could of mistaken him from a clown, if he had the makeup on. Since he was so excited, Evan tripped and accidentally pulled down the skirt of the girl he just met. His eyes were open so wide that you see his pupils looked as big as the sun and his mouth was dropped open so far it could of touched the floor six times over. He felt as embarrassed as she was, but he also felt his jeans tighten up, because of the surprising sight right above him. "I'm-- s- so- so --- so-- s-so-sorry!" He stuttered and tried to shuffle to his feet so fast he tripped over his feet again.
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  7. No, she thought, this cannot be happening. Not taking any time to look at the onslaught of eyes upon her, Liel quickly pulled up her skirt. She looked down at the boy, who was getting up from tripping again, and glared. "What the hell is your problem!? You better be lucky I don't call security!" Liel yelled, then noticed that her purse was on the floor, and didn't remember picking it up when she had walked away from the bench.
    That's when it hit her. Liel must've forgotten the purse on the bench and the guy was just trying to return it. He must've tripped in the process- which was probably the cause of his apparent clumsiness- which now brought them to their current situation. Embarrassment washed over her. It was clearly an accident. Picking up her purse, Liel saw that the guy was having somewhat of a problem with his jeans. Blushing, she asked,"Were you just trying to return this to me? If so, I apologize for yelling at you. Thanks." She put out her hand. "I'm Liel. What's your name?"
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  8. "Liel, my name doesn't matter, but it's Evan, Evan Aliceia." He got up quickly and tried to hide his little problem, while trying to shake off the blush that covered his face. "I am sorry for the trouble I caused, Liel." He tries to walk off, when Liel grabs his hand to keep him from walking off. She probably thinks I am a complete pervert. He thought nervously. "I knew you would come looking for it, I am a bad boy, but I ain't cruel enough to steal items from girls. The only thing I rather steal from you is your heart." He cheesily grinned.
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