Oh Lurker Oh Lurker

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  1. Aha oh lurker oh lurker
    How are thou doing,
    I haven't seen thee in ages

    My colors are grey, but
    I might change that today
    What do you say?
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  2. No. -Kicks the lurker out-
  3. I THINK WE HAVE A SURVIVOR OVER HERE! *pokes with a stick* YEP, SEEMS TO BE BREATHING STILL! *Keeps poking with stick*
  4. ... What's going on here?
  5. Apparently, some lurker just got violently murdered as part of some anti-lurker pogrom.

    Or someone objects to poetry. Or both.
  6. Destroy the Lurker Heretics!
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  8. [​IMG]
    Somebody said heresy?
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  9. Now that one's clever.
  10. I guess that explains how this thread got derailed so quickly.

    *walks out and decapitates myself for that joke*
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.