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  1. ~Greetings~

    (First off, it's nice to be using a forum with a halfway-decent formatting gui.)

    Hello everyone, my name is Jeran Korak, and I'm a long-time roleplayer who just recently stumbled across this site after google-searching in a fit of sheer boredum. In the past I've been extremely active in the Freelancer and Neverwinter Nights communities, but with those games slowly fading from the public conciousness I've been forced to seek other places to practice my craft and satisfy the old creative urges.

    I'm what some people might consider a 'professional' roleplayer. There is nothing I love more than to engage in a plot and see it develop from a gleam in the eye of the writer into a sprawling epic. Roleplaying is my primary form of relaxation, and I consider punctuality, literacy and posting quality to be ideals which good roleplayers are obligated to uphold. That said I try my best to lead by example rather than act in an overly judgemental and hypocritical fashion. Everyone is welcome to give a reasonably-minded critique of my work, and I try my best to be constructive at all times.

    In terms of roleplaying settings, I tend to enjoy fantasy, science-fiction and 'hardcore' realistic settings. I play Dungeons & Dragons a great deal, and just about every fantasy setting I've ever created or run has drawn heavy inspiration from D&D mechanics and concepts. I'm both a designer and a player, but most recently I've focused more towards the 'design' aspect. Creating unique settings and giving them detailed, realistic and engaging backstories is a passion of mine, one that I don't feel I've gotten to indulge nearly as much as I should have.

    Since I've only just joined, it'll probably take me a few days to get involved with the community in any meaningful way. I'm hoping to find some decent writers to help fill out a few of the worlds that I've developed recently. I'm no stranger to forum roleplaying, but I'm also much more used to Instant Messaging based roleplaying, which I generally prefer. The best communuities I've observed have been ones with plenty of social connectivity outside of the game they share. This in my opinion is the best way to run a roleplay, with each player being aware of how their actions affect their comrades and being able to obtain feedback at a moment's notice.

    But anyway, that's enough about me and what my opinions are. I'm interested in knowing about this community, and how other players might feel about joining in with some of the games that I work on. Thanks for bothering to read all this!
  2. I see we may be one of the same.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I'm sure you'll find lots of awesome players here to help develop your worlds. Check out the site, our groups section and the cbox. Glad to have you.
  4. What kind of worlds?
  5. For a moment I nearly died, called Jeran is my mom's name, and trying to imagine my mom roleplay is really scary. XD

    Welcome to the xcommunity Jeran! <3 I hope to see you involved soon!
  6. Wow, that’s rather a remarkable coincidence... though I suppose it just means you get to read all my posts in an excessively judgemental, overly-knowing tone from now, so it isn’t all bad. :bsmile:

    Anyway, I'm glad somebody expressed an interest in my projects. I'll probably add them to my signature at some point, but until then I'm happy to provide a quick summery of the major scenarios that I’ve been working on recently. I should note that I adhere to the 'GM system' as it might be called. Basically, this means that like in a D&D game, players can do whatever they like so long as it is accepted by the Game/Dungeon Master. This allows freeform play without risking godmodding, and enables players to explore on their own and have content generated on an as-needed basis in response to their activities. In any game that I run, I look for staff who're capable of GM'ing as well as playing, so that at no time are my players left hanging. But anyway, here's the list.

    1) Ashes to Ashes

    A roleplaying scenario set amidst the dying embers of human civilisation. The end of the world wasn’t brought about by a supernatural disaster or the release of a viral agent, but simply by the incompetence and desperation of perfectly ordinary human beings. Taking place eight years after the destruction of the world’s largest oil reserves, Ashes to Ashes explores how a single major disaster could potentially trigger the downfall of modern civilisation. The goal of this roleplay is to create a realistic survival scenario where the biggest enemies are hunger, thirst, and the elements themselves. There is no overarching plot, just the need to survive and perhaps reclaim some vestige of security in a fallen society.

    2) Exodus: A Test of Humanity*

    This is another survival scenario, but with a vastly different premise. Exodus begins with our protagonists being engulfed in a blinding flash of light, which fades to reveal them standing on a tall hilltop surrounded on three sides by a vast lake. The only sign of human civilisation is an incongruously-placed two-story suburban home located within seeing distance of their arrival point. Beyond that, the area the main characters have arrived in seems to be nothing but a pristine wilderness. Exodus focuses on survival and character-building, but with strong fantasy elements present at the same time. The unique selling point of the game is the Alterations system, which allows players to design physics-defying abilities that they can vote for characters to receive as they explore the world and encounter the mysterious phenomena that may well serve as a vital clue to why they have been brought here. Unlike Ashes to Ashes, Exodus has both a plot and an end ‘goal’ for players to work towards, but how they progress towards that goal and what steps they take to explore the world around them is entirely up to the individual.

    * This subtitle was thought up by a friend of mine called Trinalsis.

    3) Super Robot Wars: The Earth Cradle Saga

    This one is really a departure from form for me, in that it is unashamedly fanfiction for a game series I have a particularly fondness of. The Super Robot Wars series isn’t exactly widely known outside of Japan due to licensing issues, but I was lucky enough to get the two Original Generation games for the Gameboy Advance when they came out in the early-mid 2000’s. A complete summery of this universe isn't possible within a reasonably sized paragraph, but anybody who has ever watched Gundam, Mazinger Z, or any other Giant Robot anime will already know what to expect. For those who've played the games in question, the premise is simple to understand. In an alternate Alpha/OG timeline, the Earth Cradle enters hibernation mode shortly after the appearance of the White Star. Nearly half a million years later, the Cradle emerges to find Earth a completely changed landscape - but with some old and surprisingly persistent enemies still clinging on to power. The inhabitants of the Earth Cradle must now fight for their survival using the weapons left for them by the military; giant humanoid combat machines known as 'Personal Troopers'. With an optional system that allows players to bring in robots from other series, this roleplay aims to recreate the feel of the games while allowing players to ascend through the military hierarchy, earn awards and pilot progressively more powerful, technologically advanced machines.

    So there you have it; a rough list of the major roleplaying games that I'd like to find players for at the moment. All the above concepts have extensive write-ups already, and are fully playable. The only small issue is that I designed them on a roleplaying program known as Roleplay Unlimited, which is quite a good like roleplaying platform that uses instant-messaging. The unfortunate thing is that RPU doesn't really have that good of a reputation, since it is a completely free system with no arbitary administration whatsoever, meaning that a lot of servers are either bad or run by the kind of people who'd be kicked out of any system with better player oversight. Despite this, the program itself is an extremely flexible platform that reads like a check-list of all the things one ought to have when designing an internet-based roleplaying system.

    As noted above, I'll likely link a lot of this in my signature at some point. But for now I'm still testing the waters, so if anybody is interested in learning more about the worlds above they're absolutely welcome to ask me for details or for my Skype, so that we can talk 'face to face'.
  7. Ashes to Ashes sounds like the backdrop of my novel, although the survivors are now to a point where they are trying to rebuild a civilization.