Oh, look. I'm back. Searching for partners.

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Hello all. After a very extended absence, I am back. And I would really like to get back into the feel of these things.

I like active partners and will put back a much as I am given. I prefer to play females, because I am female and know them a little better, but I will play males for my partners if they want me to try.

I don't have specific plots, just a few things I'd be interested in doing. I figure more plot comes eventually, especially since I feel a tad bit rusty.

Pairings I would like to do (the role I would like to play is italicized):

Demon X Demon Hunter
Demon X Angel
Witch X Witch Hunter
Dragon Slayer X Dragon Rider
Begger X Prince/Royalty
Vampire Slayer X Vampire
Assassin X Target/Royal person
Slave/ Prisoner X Captor
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I have an pretty good plot idea for DemonxAngel, though the Angel would have to be a Fallen. PM me if this interests you.
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