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This will be a SekexSeke relationship. So no one is dominant all the time and no one is submissive all the time it makes things more interesting.
yes this is based off the show Political Animals, but maybe 1 in 400 people know what that is so it's no big deal if you don't know it since I just got the inspiration for the character from it and don't want to really follow the plot line of the show.
I post anywhere from 1 good paragraph to 6 or 7.
My responses range from several times a day to once a week, depending on how busy I am and if I am feeling inspired or not.
anyways here is the plot:

T.J is the son of the former president and is known for being a trouble child. When he was 17 he was outed as being gay when the boy he was with at the time sold pictures of them together. The next few years were hell as he was faced with hate and his father began to blame him for his lowering poll numbers. So he did the only thing he though would help, he turned to drugs some nights completely losing himself which is exactly what he needs. The press of course ate this up, reporting on the Presidents failed parenting job and making T.J want to disappear off of the face of the earth. Then suddenly it seemed to stop, mostly because the press just got bored of reporting on the drug addicted T.J. However the damage as already done and T.J could not be reached even by his older brother.
((this is where I come to a pause, because I either want this between his brother and him. Where his brother is trying desperately to get through to his brother because he loves him. Perhaps more than he should)
Or ____ is just your normal guy, he had seen the articles about TJ and had always felt bad for the kid wishing he could help him, he also had a rather large crush on the 'celebrity'. For awhile now he had been talking to this guy on a app that connects you to people close to you who are looking for some fun. One night he gets a message from this guy he was falling for asking him to come to his house, that he wanted to see him tonight. Without hesitation he left and went to the address he was given but when the doors opened he was frozen with shock as he saw the Famous T.J Hammond standing there obviously high with no shirt on. He was pulled inside and they had a night to remember.
The next morning _____ laid there in shock that he just slept with his celebrity crush and T.J was just as shocked as last night was the first time he had sex and it didn't feel like it was just for the pleasure. _____ asked if they could meet again and before T.J knew what he was saying he agreed, but they had to keep it on the down low for two reasons. One ____ is married and two if the press found out T.J was sleeping with a married man it would mean more bad press. So they began to see one another in secret and they began to get closer and closer, T.J shared things with ___ that the press didn't even know and _____ began to slowly try and break T.J's drug addictions. However how long will this last until something happens to tear it all apart?
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haha thanks, does that mean you are interested?
haha don't sweat it, I understand that sometimes you want to respond to certain roleplays rather than others. Whenever you are inspired for that rp again go for it ^^
meanwhile I will post a thread for this roleplay.
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I was thinking my character shall be an old friend maybe from primary school or something ^^
I was thinking my character shall be an old friend maybe from primary school or something ^^
ooooh yeah I like that! :D and is it ok if TJ doesn't remember him at first?
I was thinking the same thing. Give me sec I'm just gaming with my bf and trying to reply lol
I was thinking the same thing. Give me sec I'm just gaming with my bf and trying to reply lol
lol it's fine XD take your time
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