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  1. I mean, Hello there.

    I'm Knot, a 21 year old lady from Canada.

    I've been roleplaying for nearly ten years, in various genres. I prefer action, horror, sci-fi, fantasy. All time periods are fine, and other genres work if the story line/base idea is solid. I tend to play rogue females, but again that depends on the base idea and the other person (people) in the roleplay.

    I prefer one on one roleplays, but if I find a small-ish group with a good story I'd join gladly.

    Always pool.

    Currently rocking out to Blue Oyster Cult.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Knot :D
  3. Welcome welcome. :3
  4. Hey, Knot!
    I've heard of Blue Oyster Cult... I'll have to look them up now!
    How are you adjusting to the site?
  5. It looks alright. I haven't quite figured out how to go about finding a roleplay, but I'm reading others.

    Thanks everyone - By the way!
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  6. Not sure how?
    Well, you can stalk the specific Out-of-Character sections of each genre and the general Roleplay Talk section like I do, or just find an interesting story going on and see if they're accepting new applications! They'll normally tell you how to join, like "fill out this sheet" or "just jump right in!"
    Or, even better, write up a form for the Roleplay Invitation Request thread and get them to come to you!
  7. I like your thread title.

  8. Ooh thank you! I shall send you a cauldron butterbeer cupcake with poprocks and sprinkles via UPS (currently making them for a birthday party). Hopefully it makes it there in one piece.
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  9. We, we are going to get along famously

    22/f/Canada here! your 'what I prefer' shpiel was pretty much identical to mine! Oh we are going to get along SO WELL

    </done being creepy>

    Hi welcome to Iwaku! It's a great place full of weirdos! You'll love it <3

  10. It sounds like a lot of fun! I'm just looking for roleplays to join now. Thanks for the welcoming =)