Oh look, another doll maker~

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  1. I would totally watch a doll maker thread :3
  2. Doll makers have always creeped the hell out of me. Not entirely sure why though.
  3. @Laggy Lagiacrus: I must see this. (EDIT: It helps if I realize your entire post is a link to such. I am now satisfied.)

    @ rest of thread: MyStyle.jpg

    Young starlet. :3 Marketing hypes the scar. Most of her songs are about overcoming the mightiest of obstacles.
  4. I would like to know how she got that scar.
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  5. She managed to whack herself in the eyeball with the blade of a woodworking knife while attempting to craft a toy rabbit for Easter. Her family had to rush her to the emergency room that Sunday, and ended up missing work the following Monday. Luckily, the girl didn't suffer any permanent damage, and still has 20/30 vision in the affected eye, but the physical mark of her blunder yet remains.
  6. So there was no father who ws a drinker, no SO who got in deep with some sharks, nothing like that?
  7. Oh sure, let's go with the trite and overused explanations.
  8. Jesus, it's just a joke. No need to get your knickers in a knot.
  9. My biggest question is why the neck scarf thingy, never could understand that.
  10. It's a fashion thing; most fashion things don't make sense. The collar is a symbol of subservience and it's reminiscent of the oft-fetishised "French Maid" look.
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  11. It was quite a rude joke. =\

    Huh. And here I just picked it 'cuz it looked nice.
  12. Quoting a line from a popular movie to reference a simple avatar is rude. Got it. No, really I understand. I'll even use my "Sensitive Person Gloves" next time, that's how serious I am.

    But seriously, I think you're just being ridiculous here. I'm rude because I referenced the Joker? If anything you're the rude one for saying:

    But it's not worth arguing with you. I've seen your types. Seen them everywhere. It's no use trying to reason with you, its like talking to a brick wall. Frankly, carrying this on isn't worth the effort, so say whatever you like in response. It's not like I'm going to reply anyway.
  13. Uhh. You took a jab at my impromptu character description. How is that not rude?
  14. @Ejechted Laggy was making a Batman reference, I don't think it was intended as "you have a dumb character design" so much as an opportunity to reference something funny.

    @Laggy Lagiacrus When someone doesn't understand or appreciate a joke or criticism, it's best to just back off rather than resort to sarcasm and snarkiness.

    Can we just all appreciate that the dollmaker is fun to use and the singer picture is pretty? :)
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  15. I'd appreciate it more if he didn't smite me because he's just as much in the wrong as I am.
  16. Laggy, I agree, you are both equally in the wrong, because you are both being huffy and continuing to argue. So can we move past this like adults and stop derailing the thread with this argument? Miss Flufferbutt made this thread to share a fun game and see what people would do with it, not to watch people internet-fight over a misunderstood joke. It's not fair to her to continue derailing it; feelings were hurt on both sides; let's call it a draw and move on.
  17. I wouldn't call it a draw, seeing as we all lose, but fine. I don't want to waste any more time or effort on this guy. It's just not worth it.
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  18. [​IMG]

    It's meeeee
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