Oh look, a noob.

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  1. Hello all! After role playing on many different sites and apps, I came to the conclusion I have no partners!

    So I joined this site in hope I could get awesome rp partners nvn

    But anyways, my real name is Tiffany, and I've been role playing for four years. (Slowly approving.) I enjoy really twisted things! (So edgy.) I'm a passionate reader and writer. My favorite book is Lolita, and my favorite movie is Girl Inturupted.

    Enough about me, how are you?
  2. Oh look a- *clears throat*
    Welcome to Iwaku comrade!
    Enjoy doing role-play stuffs here!
  3. Danke! Thanks!
  4. Howdy Tiffany! 8D Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Fellow noobs unite!
  6. Hell yeah! /high five
  7. How do you do Tiffany, The name is Gabe, Gabriel that is
  8. Hello Gabe! I'm doing fine, I'm just getting ready for German class. (Stuck in school, I'm not complaining, I love school.) How are you?
  9. I'm fine, Fiddle as a stick. German class Wow! is it for learning to speaking German or is it for history :)
  10. Just for speaking German, so far I know the basics, but mess up.. A lot.
    I wish there was a German history class at my school however, I'm a complete history nerd. I'm in three history classes.
  11. Ah! A fellow historian i see! Hehehe well i'm also interested in history myself and even self studied on Greece and Egypt mythology!
  12. That's amazing! Not a lot of people I met like history. I used to study achient Egypt, but lost interest. I'm more interested in the history of genocide. (That's one of my classes.) Also, I'm interested in World War Two. (I have an unhealthy obsession of it. Too many books.)
  13. Wow! I have an interest in World war two also (One of my fave wars ) but Genocide . . .

    (No pun intended )
  14. Genocide is an important but depressing subject. But oh my god, that picture. XD
  15. Yeah! Well you some class to attend right
  16. Well, I need to go to German class now. Nice talking to you!
  17. My point exactly, Good luck mate! And Godspeed!