Oh look, a new person.

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  1. I figured now was as good of time as any to finally introduce myself. People usually just end up calling me Shar, and I'm just gonna head off a possible bit of confusion and say yes I am a guy. When it comes to Roleplays, fantasy is my preference.
    Well... That be it really if ya got a question just ask me I find it easier that way.

    For anyone who has played Dark Stalkers/Vampire Savior is it just me or does :catgirl: look sorta like Felicia?

  2. Why hello there, Shar! Welcome to Iwaku!

    You like Fantasy? You could not have picked a better time to be RP'ing!
    June is Fantasy month where we have a bunch of events, challenges, and RPs that revolve around Fantasy.

    Now listen! If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask anybody else, or me! We'd be glad to help. No really, we would!

    And BAM!
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  3. Interesting, cookies and I haven't even gone to the darkside yet.... or have I?

    And I had noticed that it was Fantasy month, yet I still need to float around a bit and look at what's goin on.
  4. These are not cookies for the darkside.

    They're just the welcoming cookies. ^^
  5. Oh ho, I see, well thank ya.
  6. Hey there, Shar! Welcome to Iwaku. Where lots of fantasy roleplay happens, whatever you're interested in!