Oh, How Tired I Am {Pokemon RP}

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  1. She wakes up in a cold sweat not knowing where she until she does. She's lying on her back with the covers pulled up to her hips, her bare skin peeking through her night shirt. The generic Pikachu standing out waving a forepaw as it greets the world before her. Her eyes are trained on the ceiling, unseeing and unmoving, glazed over from the sleep she was torn out of. Her bed is warm with the air hitting her face gently pressing against her and making her sweat. She raises an arm slowly and wipes away the sweat from her face as he swallows down the dryness in her throat in an attempt to wet it.

    She can hear the sizzling sounds coming from downstairs form the kitchen. It's faint, but even then she can hear the delicious smell of bacon and eggs cooking while her mother works silently. She can hear the TV buzzing in the background, but she's sure it's the radio her mother plays every morning at this hour. Micheal Creta one of the famous musicians in the region. She sighs as her arm lays down on her stomach and with a heaving push she sits up straight letting her shirt ride down and the covers slip a bit. Smacking her lips she frowns at the icky taste of dried saliva and wipes it away with the back of her hand before pushing herself out of bed.

    Her feet hit the floor softly cushioned by the pale yellow carpeting as she makes she makes her towards her dresser. It's already a day in which she isn't anticipating.

    By the time she's done showering and dressed herself she's looking herself in the mirror checking over her clothes for any flaws. Nothing short of a yellow and black button up shirt that fits her curves and compliments her dark skin and tight brown skinny jeans. She flings her messager bag arou d her shoulder and turns around to peer over her shoulder to look at it. She nods once before slipping on her shoes and making her way downstairs to where her mom is.

    Maie Gretch is a woman of tall stature unlike her daughter . She's elegant and sometimes cold giving people the impression that she;s prude and stuck up. Her Gardevoir sits at the table already eating and nods as Cooper passes by as a way of greeting. It's a somber day for all of them. Cooper greets her mother with a well practiced smile and Marie grins at her from the wave of smoke that comes from the bacon. Cooper sniffs and smiles before petting her belly in mock fashion of a Snorlax.

    "Ready yet?" They both know it's not about the food.

    Her mother's expression shifts quickly from a smile to a frown almost unseeble if Cooper hadn't been watching. Marie shakes it off and walks over her with a plate in tow, an uncommon ritual for both of them. Cooper smiles at grabs the fork as the plate is set down in front of her. She can almost feel the tears begin to prick at her eyes. Almost.

    "I love you." It's a whisper meant only for them. Gardevoir is staring at them silently before turning back to the TV as if she hadn't seen anything. Cooper swallows down a wash of juice and sets her hands on her mother's.

    "I love you too mom."
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  2. Light just began to shine into the room when Rosina started to stir in her sleep. She was in that stage between sleep and consciousness where she fought with all her might to stay in her dreams. Try as she might, eventually her mind was wide awake and she could no longer pretend to be asleep. She could, however, be a bum and stay in bed anyway.

    She hadn't been in the Kalos region even a day yet, but she already knew by how comfy the beds were, that this region was ten times better than in Almia. She had arrived on a midnight flight to Lumiose International Airport from the airport from Almia, and immediately went to sleep from the ten hour flight. She was nervously excited to be there, in a new region, being able to expirence things on her own. Well, she wasn't completely alone.

    Rosina's blue eyes traveled down to the foot of her hotel bed where her pokemon slept soundly. Silica was her partner. A newly evolved Sylveon she got as an egg just prior to starting Ranger school. The two have been inseparable since Rosina hatched her nearly a year ago, and now Silica was going with her to explore the world. As if sensing eyes on her, Silica raised her head up and looked at Rosina before yawning, stretching, and walking up the bed to sit next to her pillow. The two looked at eachother for a moment before Silica tilted her head.

    "Yeah yeah, I'm getting up. I wonder where we can get some food around here."


    Rosina sat up and stretched when her pokemon casually hopped down from the bed.

    "What is it?" She asked curiously as her partner pranced over to the door and picked up a slip of paper in her mouth that was on the floor. She skipped back over to her and handed the paper to Rosina and she read it over.

    "Oh! They have room service. What a nice hotel. To bad we gotta check out soon."

    "Syl..." her pokemon agreed.

    "Well, we still have time for some late breakfast. Lets see what sounds good."

    After Rosina read over the menu and ordered, the two ate happily before getting ready to check out and start the day. Once she dressed up, she took Sylveon to the bath to get her washed up, and of course her pokemon decided to splash around happily and get Rosina completely drenched. So, she changed again into her spare outfit and scolded her Sylveon for being so reckless and making a mess of the place.
    Throwing her bag on her shoulder after using all the towels to clean up the bathroom disaster, she checked her bag to make sure she had everything she needed. Her other outfit wrapped in a bag to keep everything else dry, her Styler, a small bag of pokemon food, and a letter she had for the Kalos regions pokemon professor. She knew he was somewhere in the city. Where exactly was the big question. She wasn't too worried about it. Searching was what made it fun.

    "Okay Silica! You ready to go get lost! " she said with mock excitement. "Syl..." Was the bored reply to which she frowned. "Oh, be more positive. Come on." She said as the two left their comfy hotel room to brave the world together.
  3. By the time she steps outside the door is already being shut and locked behind her. From beyond the wood she can hear her mother's silent whispers to her Pokemon who in turn offers polite sounds so quickly it's as if they rehearsed it together. Cooper tries not to feel the lonely hollow pit in her stomach as the Sun's rays reach her coloring her in light pale stripes and warming her skin. It feel good to be honest and it's been such a long time before she's ever done this before. The first being when she had to run a few errands for her mother in the city. A few people pass by quietly, a few business men and the typical lady passing by, not taking any notice of her. Cooper sighs and tries to get the sounds of the city out of her ear before anything else.

    Stepping down the narrow steps she doesn't even have to look to know where she's going. Her sneakers click against the ground as she veers to her left brushing against a man who gives her a look before disappearing out of view by the sea of people. Cooper tries not to be intimidated once again by the city. Her small stature makes her a target for lonely men looking for someone to gang up on and harass and her the fact that she's alone makes her even more of a target. She grits her teeth as people shove her out the way and blink in surprise once they look down and see her. She hates being 4'7" and she hates being everything about it.

    Slowly but surely the people seem ti widen and the people get more sparse and she can tell why by the looks of it. She checks her watch quickly making sure not to bump into someone or something and smiles as she sees the work hours. Almost everyone in the city should-save the few who don't work for a living-should be inside their office jobs or wherever they work at. It's at this time Cooper takes the delay to walk faster as she spots the cottage looking building. Her target gets closer and closer until she's finally at the gates and she finds herself stopping and staring at it.

    She doesn't know if she wants this. Her brother already left and he's younger than her and she could tell by his anxiety that he didn't want this either. She blames her mother at first for allowing this and then herself for being so weak as to agree with this...Most of all she blames her father the one he started this...fear of them. For a moment she wishes that he were here looking after her and protecting her and her brother just like he did back then. He narrows her eyes at the thought of his killer and how ironic it would be for that same passion that drove her dad was the same one that would untimely kill him.

    If only they knew just how close his...murderer was they wouldn't be in this mess. She wouldn't be lost in a forever streaming river of fear, doctors, and their damn Pokemon.

    Pushing against the gates at last she slips in quietly knowing she's late. She begins to wonder if Leon had the same problem knowing how his sense of time is he probably did the same thing. Late as always. Cooper frowns and rolls her eyes at the irony of her situation and climbs up the steps. The door is pristine white and has a Pikachu shaped knocker that makes her boinks in confusion. Blinking a bit she raises her hand and holds the handle to knock on it and waits patiently as the door rumbles against it.

    It takes a few moments for someone to answer. Long enough for her to think that no one is there and long enough for her to think about going back. It opens quickly and silently and the smell of medicine hits her nostrils quickly. Her nose wrinkles despite herself and she finds herself face to fave with a young woman who looks by the age of 21 or 26. Her glasses are lopsided and her hair is in a messy bun and her clothes have Pokemon fur on them.

    "How may I help you?" Her tone is polite, but Cooper can hear the impatience.

    "My name is Cooper Gretch. I'm here for a Pokemon. My little brother came here," She begins politely. "His name was Leon Gretch and you gave him a GIble because he was late..."

    The lady frowns for a bit before laughing. "Oh, him! Nice kid, very...different." She ends on a faint note before ushering her in. "Professor! Cooper Gretch is here for a Pokemon!"
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