Oh how I hate El Paso

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Gourry Gabriev

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So you want to know about Hell Paso, I mean El Paso, well there is a lot wrong with this city. Day to day life is a pain in the ass and the people are so stupid that it can't be put into words. Normally I'm pretty calm and chilled but El Paso drives me crazy. I'm from California down in the OC, no it isn't anything like the show, and people there are rude but at least they all drive 10 miles over the speed limit instead of 20 miles under it. People here don't know how to read signs and at least half of them are almost blind. The people that run it are even dumber than chickens with their heads cut off. There are too many things wrong with this city that I can't even remember them all.


Ah it felt good to get that off of my chest. Nighty night xp
Welcome to Colorado man, people can't drive here. Trust me I know!
At least you'll have one more person to rant about it in person, right?

Are you stationed at Bliss as well!? O.o

As for bad drivers... check out Belgium, Korea, or the Phillipines. I think those three places has Texas beat.
Shit Korea they just say "Fuck these bullshit driving laws" and cut your ass off in a fucking drive through.
They all have a point China is quite terrible at driving too, they just turn into oncoming traffic and people just move around them its crazy.
San Francisco is bad too. Factor in the crazy hills with narrow streets AND the "California Drivers".
I'm miss the California drivers........

I know there are worst drivers out there in the world, god how I know it soo well.

Anyway it is more than just the drivers, the mayor passed a bill that bans stores from selling pets. El Paso police are just as bad too, they are never where they are needed. Also I got pulled over by a cop that told me I did a "California roll". I simply looked at the man and said, "You know back California we call it running the stop sign." Then I asked him if he had prof of me running the stop sign and he said, "I don't need prof to give you a ticket or arrest you." Then I kindly replied back, "Yes you do or I can fight it in court proving you are a lousy cop and should be fired cause I know for a fact that I came to a complete stop." He stares at me for a few seconds looking like a moron and I added, "I'm not stupid, I know how to get a noobie cop like you fired many ways so lets cut the crap and move on please." He then let me of with a warning. I may not be as smart as Frosty but I can bluff like hell. XD

I don't want o be so negative but even the things the army does out here is stupid. I know it is the army but I mean come on these are the guys how are fighting the wars and supposed to defend use when war comes to us.

The gang wars down in Mexico are getting worst too and the other day the city hall building got hit by seven shots a mile away in Mexico and they play it off as a few stray bullets. Go ahead and check the chances of that happening, one bullet maybe but seven? You need to be aiming to get that many bullets into only one building from more than a mile away. Oh and I forgot to add that ONLY the city hall building got hit.
Oh my... Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm nearby your hell.

Dallas drivers scare me.
If I get stationed in hood I'm going to become Grandmaster Road Rage...I scare germans when were rolling in a convoy...it's funny.
Road rage is bad if other drivers remember you. If they don't well give them the bird all the time.