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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm ElvenArcher and I'm pretty excited to find an active RP site. I did a few a while back but then school got busy, and I never got back into it. So I figured I would join a fresh community and see how that turns out.

    I've done a bit of writing over the last couple years, mostly fantasy and dystopian future ideas and short stories. Most of what I have are just rough drafts, nothing polished or finished, but I enjoy improving my writing skills and flexing my creativity with the help of my muse.

    I'm looking for a fantasy style RP to join, either a group or two people. I'm up for either, so feel free to message or invite me. I love Tolkien style settings as well as guild wars 2, world of Warcraft, and dnd, but I would be more than willing to try an invented new setting.

    I work as a valet and have quite a bit of free time both at work and at home and I would be able to make multiple posts a day if the RP was moving that quick. So let me know!
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  2. I'm a huuuge Tolkein fan. Lord of the rings is what turned me from "Reading's okay" to full-out bookworm :P When the movies came out, I was a teenager, and it's some of the best memories I have. My older sister took me to see each one in theaters, and then when we got home we'd have an elvish lesson

    I'm always down for a one on one, I don't much care for roleplaying in canon settings (Middle Earth, Narnia, etc) but if you're down I'm good for a high fantasy roleplay with a fellow
    Tolkein fan!

    So a valet, huh? I'm just a clerk at a chocolate cafe; have you gotten to drive many cool cars?
  3. Hey Minibit!

    Those movie are all awesome, in fact I just saw Desolation of Smaug the other day! Elvish lessons? That's impressive. It always amazes me how much effort he must have put into creating his world of middle earth. I imagine inventing a new language is no easy feat.

    Yes, I do get to drive some pretty cool cars, but it's always just for a few feet to get to the parking lot. The super expensive cars are cool to look at, but in the end they are just like the cheaper ones.

    I have never heard of a chocolate cafe! That sounds like a pretty fun job. Do you serve coffee and chocolate, or just chocolate?
  4. Jeez, Minibit, a chocolate cafe? Senpai just noticed the hell outta you! That's friggin awesome!

    'Sup? Nice to see so many new people around. I'm Senpai, or, Overwatch. Whatever you feel like calling me. It's nice to see another fan of tolkein and fantasy in general! I have an Idea for a fantasy tale taht I developed while back on the guild if you are interested.
  5. A valet is a neat job I never hear about people having. O__O Welcome to the community of elvish one!
  6. Thanks for the kind welcome guys. Senpai, I would definitely be interested in hearing more about your fantasy tale. Feel free to message or invite me.