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Oh, hi!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ruby, Jan 7, 2016.

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  1. Hello, Iwaku-ites/ians/etc. =)

    I'm Ruby, not new to RPing just this site.

    I may even know a few folks on here, who knows!

    Don't be shy, I bite. <3
  2. Hi, me too.
  3. Hoooray us!
  4. Deja vu.
  5. How so?
  6. Pretty sure I've posted in an intro thread of yours elsewhere before.

    How've you been?
  7. Oh, well thank you! Sorry my memory's a bit blurry about it.

    I've been fantastic, you're so sweet for asking. Hope you've been well too. <3
  8. Happens, when you don't talk for a couple years. No worries. I've been good, cheers.
  9. Welcome.

    I bite back.
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  10. A warm and heartfelt welcome :).
  11. Welcome to Iwaku! I just joined today. Not new to RPing, just new to the site.
  12. Hi I'm new here as well.
  13. Iloveyou. <3
  14. Well hello to both of you! I hope you both certainly have a wonderful time here. =)
  15. If you ever want to role-play or talk my inbox is always open
  16. RP?

    ...what'cha got in mind? >>
  17. I remember you.
    Dunno if you remember moi*.
    *It's Zed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.