oh, hi, it's you... go away... i gave it the holo-records... i don't get it he just keeps coming bac

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  1. Hi all :P I'm a male who is into writing and I am looking into starting a clothing company called cstarnt some time in the future, but that is only the first addendum to my world domination, in which writing a book is definitely included :P

    I've played a little roleplay, but people always leave, so I'm hoping to have some better luck and staying power. I am into school roleplays, space marine roleplays, werewolves etc, the whole lot really.

    My favorite song at the moment is an old Bullet for my Valentine song called Tears Don't Fall, but I'm into a lot of Visual Kei as well, especially Vivid.

    I forgot the rest of the survey. Meh, I think that should suffice.

    How are you all? How does this site stack up against the rest? Story, Plot, Tell it.
  2. Greetings! Welcome to Iwaku!

    I hope you find some RPs where the peeps actually stay. But I doubt it, since we have a lot of awesome RPS here.

  3. Well, I'll just have to join an awefully good rp then.

    Thanks for the welcome, Juku.
  4. "People always leave your role plays? Harsh.
    "It could be that they're just not interested. Not to sound mean, but that's usually how it happens. Spur of the moment joiners! >:u
    "Or maybe just lazy people." X3
    "Anyhoo, glad to peek atcha. See you around maybe?"
  5. I've never started a roleplay, rm. I've actually had less success with that than having people stick around with the rplays I join. I tried to start a Ghost in the Shell rp; I thought it was a great idea, but apparently no one else did. ek...
  6. Honestly, I always try to finish a RP I've started, I can't help it if a RP I'm in has failed, but it's the RP starters duty to keep it going and lively, I've actually been studying on what to look for in your RPers and how to act on certain traits in their character to keep them interested, with enough pizzazz (Heh, funny word) RPs can stay alive and well just as long as everyone has what they wants.