Oh, Hello beautiful people!

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Original poster
Yeah well I'm not really good at introductions.
I really hope I can find some RP to join!
And friendly people!

See you around!
Hi and welcome to Iwaku :) You'll defiantly find friendly people around this part of cyberspace. If you're looking for a roleplay I have some in the works and I have one currently running. Also I am up for a onexone roleplay as well if you're interested.
Howdy ho! :D Welcome to Iwaku! Your avatar is ferociously awesome. XD For some reason I imagine that tiger with an insane clown voice...
:D Welcome to the site. I'm Bau. I'm open for any rps you want to do.
Welcome to the forum!
Hey look at that!
Thanks for such a warm welcome!
Welcome to Iwaku, selenite. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.