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  1. Hey there

    I abuse smileys, get over it. I just have a lot of feelings and a strong need to share them, okay?

    Juuust kidding!

    I'm so glad that you chose to click on my board so I could introduce myself to you. Please call me Gina, most of my friends call me Gina. My full name is Regina so I get tons of various names. I've gotten Reggie, Reg, Reggers, and my personal favorite Reggie lou-who. I'm 21 years old and have an active imagination and thoroughly enjoy being creative and writing...especially if it's with another person.

    All together i've been role playing for around 11 years. I have role played quite a bit and have had some great experiences with it. I don't like to limit myself to specific genres, i'm pretty spread out across the board. I will ALWAYS have a plot. ALWAYS. I love plots, i'm constantly coming up with them and I enjoy people who can work with me on them.

    I am pretty eager to start up some role plays RIGHT NOW with people. I recently watched Thor and have a plot for a fantasy role play and i'm dying to try that out. I am also very eager to try out my plots for the following: Fantasy, Mafia, gifted/post-apocalyptic, and The Dark Knight.

    Outside of role playing I enjoy:
    My sports bike, A GSXR
    listening to music
    trying to become Tumblr famous
    my boyfriend
    The Hunger Games
    Chris Hemsworth
    Going to the gym
    smoking hookah
    hanging out with my friends


  2. What a very nice introduction! Points! POINTS EVERYWHERE!

    Welcome to Iwaku!
    Glad to have you with us!

    If you need anything, please ask!
  3. Welcome Gina!
    Loving the introduction you gave. :D
    Iwaku is a badass site that you just end up falling in love with. XD Hope you enjoy being here!
  4. Weeeeeeeeelcome to Iwaku, Gina!

    What a lovely plotsy lady!

    Here, have some cookies to celebrate your arrival.


    Have fun and see you around........!
  5. My my. Aren't you an unique girly!

    Hello, Gina! Welcome to Iwaku. I am Iliana and its such a great pleasure to meet you. I did a hookah once! Nearly...nearly killed myself but the point is i TRIED it, so I get some kind of brownie points for that, correct?

    If you need help navigating the forums, let me know, and I'll get right to it! I hope to see you around!