Oh god um hi

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  1. My name isn't really Bess Marvin

    But it should be

    I'm 100000% kawaii

    Uh, I've been rping a really long time

    I'm a roleplay snob

    Actually I'm sort of a pretentious person in general but I promise I'm pretty nice most of the time unless you're not because I don't like mean people

    thank for reading my thread
  2. BESS *tackles* I'm so glad you're here ^_^ We need to be friends (like, on our profiles, kind of like on facebook) and then talk about all that is Iwaku and hunt down the other kpop fans within this community! :D
  3. It'll be a right party, I tell ya what
  4. Indeed, it shall be. Lets go kidnap BIGBANG and SHINee and get some snacks and drinks and have a good time! :D
  5. You know about SHINee?
  6. Only if I can have GD and/or Park Bom pop out of a cake, bro
  7. Ohmygod of course they're my favorite! (Tied with BIGBANG)
  8. Wouldn't be a party without that, now would it?
  9. Boy howdy it sure wouldn't lol
  10. i see, hehehe

    my bias is taemin (but minho is a runner-up~) and then i like bigbang and my biases there are taeyang and daesung but mostly taeyang good lord

    edit: OH AND I ALSO LIKE MBLAQ like holy shit leejoon and g.o, o m f g

    i'm also into boyfriend, but they're newbies and they're in this weird robotic phase, especially the twins
  11. I'm still learning their names so I have yet to develop/figure out what my biases are. Bess can tell you who I love the most probably though, since we've been talking about it lately haha. I'm pretty sure Daesung was my runner up favorite from BIGBANG though... yeah that sounds right. I love them all anyway so XD
  12. you'll learn the members eventually lol it takes some time
  13. >w< Hello there!
    Welcome to the community!
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask anyone :3
  14. Hi there Bess who is way too kawaii. O___O Welcome to the site!
  15. afjklhksgf, another kpop fellow joined 8D NEWBZ FTW OTL; Thus, GD is all mine baby D<
    Anyway, welcome and a nice start for the both of us 83

  17. IT'S ON

    But seriously, fangirls are the creepiest beings outta there OTL