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  1. Lol, so the one day this week I decided to go to the library, and there's a TORNADO WARNINGThe good thing is, it's just a warning, so we're all chilling in a meeting room. The really bad part is that there are a ton of little children so there's a lot of noise. But my friend Fermin is here so he makes all things fun (as he walks away... xD)Usually, you would think that I'm doing one of my *WORST CASE SCENARIO* things, but I'm not
  2. lol omg.. XD I hope you survived! (I'm quite sure you did)
  3. I know where you live now(Stalker stare)

    because the same warning happened to me XI
  4. *Sarcastically* Oh, how I miss tornado season. heh heh heh I'm glad I live in a valley now. Tornadoes are so rare here.
  5. I survived, no thanks to the children running and screaming xD

    Don't stalk me T^T I'm too young to be stalked.
  6. There was a tornado somewheres around here yesterday. Which is strange cause we NEVER get tornadoes in this part of the country.
  7. tell me if im wrong....but im guessing cali
  8. Aha! Ed is le wrong! >:D It was in Colorado
  9. I wish I had tornado warnings where I live! :D it would probably be fun the first time, then I'd be petrified of having tornadoes :3

    But I'm happy you lived! >:3
  10. lol poor clockwork, you're horrified and people are stalking you. XD BAAAAD Ed, behave yourself or no more mecha rps for you.
  11. First the scary noodles, now friends named Fermin?

    Oh gosh, I really don't know what's so funny about that, but it's funny for some reason. xD
  12. Yes, scary noodles and a friend named Fermin xD (Who we call Furry on occasion), plus tornadoes.

    XD Ah~