Oh, dear God...

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  1. So, after not peeking at the roleplay section for about 4 months... I took a peek just now.

    Oh dear God, the content tags!

    What is the point of a collaborative story if you're going to lock down the minutiae of content parameters? That's something masturbatory psychotics do. Isn't the very point of roleplaying to be pleasantly surprised by the directions of other creatives?

    And who the hell REFRAINS from joining a roleplay because it has a certain tag on it? Are you not looking for an immersive story that takes you into new and unexplored situations? Are you, in fact, ALSO a masturbatory psychotic who is trying to expedite the indexing of their spank bank?

    This is highly anti-social. It allows people to join your roleplay and give ZERO contribution to the collaborative act of steering the story.

    I remember when (YES, I USED THAT PHRASE) I was a GM and I had to actually TALK to other players about where they wanted the story to go, thematically, stylistically and essentially. I didn't just tag the fuck out of my brainchild then sit back and watch the rats scurry around by heavily-prescribed rat maze.

    It's a mess! I despair for humanity! You're all masturbatory psychotics! (I'm loving that phrase right now. Say it three times really quickly, in front of a mirror. You'll love it.)

    SO, now that I have initiated this debate from a position of extremely hostile emotive prejudice that discourages all rationale discourse, PLEASE DISCUSS.

    Are Content Tags the gang signs of Satan?
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  2. TL'DR. Yes, they are.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. p.s. I'm aware of my statements. You don't need to facelessly smite me in order to show me the error of my ways. The above is intended in a jovial context. I use hyperbole and persona to lighten the mood. I don't actually endorse Satan, or hate you, or want you to kill yourself. I'm a normal human being. I was on staff. And no, I wasn't fired for hating everyone. I just retired because I was sick of all you low-lifes. That previous sentence was also a joke. Okay, well, it wasn't, but still. I'm aware. Don't smite me, Newb! Ask other people about me. Not the banned ones, though. They have a skewed perspective. And not Grumpy, because he uses humour too, and will tell you I'm a dick. But I'm not. I built a lot of this website, before Diana came in with her periods and hysterical womanhood. That's a joke too. Although she has turned Iwaku into a vagina factory, there's no denying. But still, don't smite me. It doesn't help. I respond to genuine conversation, not cyber jeers. You are the true bully. Faceless shades of the cyber-abyss taunting from the hell-shadows. Grow up. Your smites are terrorist bombs. I fear the condemnation of strangers. I am the true victim. Stop smiting! Stop it!
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  5. I would have to agree with the whole tags but that's because I never know what might be in the actual rp and I don't wanna set someone off. T_T But such is life, we move on and adapt.
  6. Fanfic writers have been doing this for years.

    Late again to the party, Assmo.
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  7. Well... Normality is pretty relative, mate. But we still love you; except for the banned members. Not that they are important.
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  8. Masturbatory is a fun word, but sometimes I prefer onanistic. It catches people off guard.

    Also, the tags on these things could only give a brief overview at best: a good story can encompass all kinds of things, and if a romance doesn't even have just a little bit of horror or fear at play, or at the very least something at risk to the characters, then it's one dimensional fluff. Sometimes that's what people want, though: a source of the warm fuzzies and/or spank fodder. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

    ...until a certain somebody starts suggesting pony smut in a story that has nothing to do with ponies or smut. @,@ Todd-dammit, Asmo, you've got no every right to call people here psychopaths!
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  9. I don't like using tags, so I don't use them.

    Problem solved.
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  10. The problem isn't solved at all! I'm still upset!
  11. Here's what we'll do, mate. We'll make little wooden blocks with the tags on them. Next, we'll give you matches. Once you get a flame going, have at it and burn them into ash. Be sure to laugh maniacally while doing so. It'll make you feel better.
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  12. You also misspelled "rational," Assmoo.

    Although... rationale discourse kind of makes sense(?).

    On the matter at hand, though, I see where you're coming from, but I personally like them because they help describe the kind of content in the story.
  13. Just like an Autistic to lack empathy.

    *waits for more smites*
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  14. So you'd rather not TALK to the GM?
  15. Personally, considering -I- am often the GM, I find talking to myself would be a bit on the... crazy side. (I do it a lot, mind you)

    That being said, who's to say that content tags discourage from conversing with the GM? All they serve to do, in my mind, is to provide a preview of the themes and content of the story. If someone wants elaboration, then they can go in and ask. I also think that they help filter out the players that would like the atmosphere of the story being woven.

    Why make someone with a negative opinion of LGBT persons into an RP that will have LGBT persons and themes? Tags don't have to delineate. All they have to do is describe in simple terms. Tags don't control the writers. The writers control the tags. *roars but fails*
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  16. That's a valid sentiment. It's a common fact all GM's are inherently evil.
  17. Or this. Yes. This. All GM's are inherently evil. *nods*
  18. I understand your pain, bro. I just can't express it properly. :'(
  19. I feel ya, Hebro.

    So you admit you're a masturbatory psychotic who draws the lines in his roleplay before he even starts, and fuck all the players who dare intervene in your glorious Nazi masterplan?

    The staff should be doing a better job of weeding out people with prejudice before they can infiltrate our Open Sex Market Fuck Anything That Moves Rainbow Cupcake land.

    *straps the irony to a chair and electrocutes its nipples*

    The synopsis in your first post should do that. If you need tags, you fail as a storyteller.

    In conclusion, Malkuthe is a talentless control freak who permits rampant homophobia.

    This debate is progressing nicely.
  20. That's not being a psychotic, cookie muffin. That's being a simpleton. >_>

    You keep using that word, but I don't think it means what you think it means.
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