Oh dear god..... has this happened to anyone else?

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  1. Feedback for Piper at the Gates of Dawn is open. And I guess Nancy. Ha...ha...hahahaha...

    Feel free to roast me or something, yo.
  2. Oh, did I ever! But that's in the past. I'm currently in a very fulfilling relationship with someone who is older, so that came out of left field! XD
  3. Anya sat down on the docks quietly, taking a deep breath.
  4. I've always done that, and have yet to change. i seem to be atrracted to older guys myself but to answer Razilin, i dont know why, because none of the ones i was with had a secure job nor were they really mature. I guess its just the mind set i have!
  5. I had the opposite thing happen to me. I was with a girl who was just like me for a long time, although certain aspects of our relationship was awesome, It ended terribly. We also dragged it out WAY too long.

    For me, The best relationships I've ever had have been with girls who I'm nothing like.

    For the age thing, It all depends on the person.
  6. Uh, age is not really all that significant for me (unless the guy is 30+ then no thanks). I've dated a 25 year old, and I've dated a 17 year old (though that was a mistake). It just depends how well am I attracted to the person.
  7. Zeta sat up, though didn't move from her seat next to her sister. "So, something activated a program for students who are near graduation. Why didn't this set off a red flag? Why did you not end the session faster? You should have known something was off." She reached down and ran her fingers through Zera's hair. "We could have gotten by with a few broken bones if you were paying attention."
  8. "It sounded like it."
  9. Goodnight, everybody. BTW, I'm waiting until everyone posts to do mine. Want to do Lily flustered at being late, and Valeria...you'll see. ;)
  10. "Sure, but I don't think it'll be as good as what father makes you."
  11. "Huh?" Lucius looked at Lyra genuinely confused.
  12. Melissa nuzzle against him, "Then don't."
  13. It would be about a week before the team was expected to come back to classes. That day, Jack had gone back to inspect the room but found nothing much out of the ordinary - not even on what he could see in the computer. However he did always have an eerie feeling when he was in there. As if something was watching him. Something was menacing him.

    On the last day of their week off, Alec was tinkering with his gun idly while the others would be doing their own thing. They would all be feeling mostly okay, maybe a little drained but the worst of the worst had passed except for Alcran They weren't able to tell when he would wake up, so no one would be expecting when he suddenly shot up in bed and screamed out "Mother!" with tears streaming down his face, his breath coming tumultuously.
  14. Isabellas all ways seem to like really smart nerdy prudish type girls.. Yea opposites attract!