Oh dear god..... has this happened to anyone else?

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I had a habit when I was younger of falling in love with either, my exact opposite or someone who was older than me.

It always ended badly, and yet, I never understood it until I realized how different we were.

Anyone ever done that? Find their opposite?
Oh, did I ever! But that's in the past. I'm currently in a very fulfilling relationship with someone who is older, so that came out of left field! XD
I've heard women tend to be attracted to older guys. Maybe its a maturity, or they got a secure job, something like that.

This true?
I've always done that, and have yet to change. i seem to be atrracted to older guys myself but to answer Razilin, i dont know why, because none of the ones i was with had a secure job nor were they really mature. I guess its just the mind set i have!
I had the opposite thing happen to me. I was with a girl who was just like me for a long time, although certain aspects of our relationship was awesome, It ended terribly. We also dragged it out WAY too long.

For me, The best relationships I've ever had have been with girls who I'm nothing like.

For the age thing, It all depends on the person.
Uh, age is not really all that significant for me (unless the guy is 30+ then no thanks). I've dated a 25 year old, and I've dated a 17 year old (though that was a mistake). It just depends how well am I attracted to the person.
I once dated a punk/goth chick...I dunno why but I did.
Dating my opposite? Never. Would kill them. c____c KILL THEM.

Met my polar opposites, yes! It's really scary cause I am a contradictory person. So there's two ways to be "opposite" to me, depending on if it's the "nice person" or "mean person" way. e.e;; And it'll be odd... I don't tend to get along with people that are direct opposites to me, cause they're very extreme versions of my personality... .____.
well i do ahve a habit of getting acrush on chicks that either instantly find or already have boyfreinds. from there is a short trip to the frindzone.
"never cut another mans lunch" is a saying that comes to mind EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.
....story of my life TK dear ^^;;

though I must say hopefully things will go better with my current one we're different on enough levels where we won't be throughly bored w/ each other but similar with enough that we get along well :p

list of past boyfriends:

bf 1: somewhat socially awkward, tall, quiet, overly protective/clingy

bf 2: self-centered, older than me, cocky, demanding, easily jealous

bf 3: similar interests, very energetic/open, EXTREMELY invading (even after we broke up the guy HAD to know who I was hanging out with what I was doing, whether or not he knew the people etc -_-), had to be his way

fourth time the charm? we'll see...I apparently really know how to pick em *sigh* BUT here's hoping...
Someone being my direct opposite would mean they'd be all the good things to my flaws.

I do not like that.
so intelligent preppy white Jesus freak chick how believes metal is blasphemy and only listens to gospel. goes to church 3 times a week and gets depressed when she gets something like a simple parking citation, without even having to go to court or pay money.
That and most girls below 20 years old.

They don't like my jokes.
Isabellas all ways seem to like really smart nerdy prudish type girls.. Yea opposites attract!