Oh Brilliant

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    May your respective deity/deities have mercy on your mortal soul.​
  2. Underground? If only...
  3. I despise that show whenever it comes on while I am watching TV I change the channel immediately.
  4. I don't know how something like this could get so popular. I guess taste of the average person has gone down.
  5. I could stand the annoying orange for about two minutes. Given that I have managed to sit or read through some extremely terrible stuff that made me want to defenestrate its creator, I think that is a pretty impressive feat. And now they are making toys of it? If they are just as annoying as the show then I am going to do something really unpleasant to whoever is responsible for this.
  6. Ohhhhh my goodness...

    -snaps into a trance- Must... destroy... Toys'R'Us... Must... destroy... Toys'R'Us...

    Then again, they really don't need very much help to be destroyed considering how often they've nearly had to declare bankruptcy -- if they haven't already. What I don't get is the whole Angry Birds thing. I see those damn things every where.
  7. *Shrugs* The show delivers what it promises.
  8. Skip that, Rebecca Black's new album dropped December 21st!