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  1. Love... Oh such a fragile ideal. They think that love conquers all. How incredibly foolish, impudent, disgusting! How perfect... I will allow them to believe this until it is my time to strike. Then they will realize how fragile their defenders truly are in all aspects...

    Passion can be extinguished leaving cold, and frozen in time...
    Empathy can run dry, leaving others thirsting for comfort...

    Understanding can be hidden, shrouded in darkness...
    Joy may be quelled, remaining stagnant, unmoving...
    The foundations may crack, Stability giving way to uneasiness...
    And Hope and dreams may be shattered, and in their place Nightmares form...
    All these will one day fade, giving way for what will truly last...


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    • Five boys are shocked when a young girl, by the name of Sonia contacts them in their dreams, told that they are the only hope of the world. They are all told to meet at Central Park, where they find out that five girls were also called to action. The girls were given powers, becoming Magical Girls!...The guys however are not exactly pleased to find out they are Partners with a Magical Girl!?!

    • WIP Currently!

      AI CITY

      Ai City is a large, metropolitan city, with some of the finest technology avaliable. It is renowned for it's cleanliness, transit systems, and school system. It is hard to find a city better than Ai City in all of Japan. Of course it isn't perfect, and there are still a fair amount of problems, but ultimately it is a great place to live and grow up as a kid. The Population is about 300,000 people.
    • Total // 12
      Male // 6
      Female // 6

      ??? (link to CS) - Summary of Character.


      — Passion //
      — Empathy //
      — Understanding //
      — Joy //
      — Stability //
      — Hope // ( Kitsune )


      — Passion // Reserved ( ScarletNova )
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      — Hope // Reserved ( Reanimator Bob )
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    Inabilities: Optional
    Mental Ailments:

    >Physical Appearance<
    Distinguishing Marks:
    Fashion Style:
    (Boys are a Cute Small animal of sort, mythical or otherwise)
    General Appearance:
    Physical Ailments:

    Place of Birth:
    Current Residence:
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  3. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    "Hehe... Maybe it was a little fairy?"

    :crystalball2:General Characteristics:crystalball2:

    ~Name Meaning~
    Play off of "Sonja" (Hope) Fantast (Dreamer)




    Eleventh Moon of Chorus

    ~Zodiac Sign~
    'The Dreamer'

    ~Blood type~



    ~Aspect of Love~
    Hope (Dreams)


    Sonia is a very flighty person. Head in the clouds so often, she is constantly making up stories, and pictures. Extremely creative and imaginative, she spends a lot of time drawing and writing. She does seem to act a little younger than her age. She loves to express these ideas as often as she can. Though her overactive imagination tend make her see things as much worse than they actually are, often scaring herself in certain situations. Thankfully her partner _____ helps calm her down when she gets anxious.

    Creative | Imaginative | Kind | Cheerful

    Easily Scared | Childish | Flighty | Self-Conscious

    Drawing | Writing

    Cute Animals | Drawing | Writing
    ~Mental Ailments~

    :crystalball2:Physical Appearance:crystalball2:

    "N-No, really, I'm not that pretty... Um... Thanks..."
    ~Distinguishing Marks~
    ~Fashion Style~

    Her, "Usual Outfit"
    ~General Appearance~
    ~Physical Ailments~

    ~Place of Birth~
    ~Current Residence~

    Write your characters history

    ~Theme song~

    "I had a bad dream... I can't sleep right now..."
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