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    Nora, 23​
    Nora stared at the empty bars on the inside of her cage, the familiar clang of metal scraping metal hitting her matted ears. She once was prized for her soft fur, and cute demeanor, and nice body. But now her abdomen was covered in scars, which was hidden by her meager t-shirt, and skirt. She sighed, moving around as her chain tightened. She knew that she was never going to be picked, and she was going to meet that fate today. She looked at her last meal, a serving of rice, bread, milk and chicken piled onto a metal plate with no utensils. She didn't want to eat it, because she could smell the sedatives on her food. She shoved it away, scanning the room for any last ray of hope.
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    Jay, 24​
    Jay looked around as he entered the market, knowing why he was here. to buy a "pet" to help show that he had power, but also so he would be alone in his house any longer. He was rich, inheariting most of it from his father, but he honestly could care less about it. He talked to a head seller about buying a neko, usually they were calm so Jay thought that woould be best. he looked around at then all, mostly they were falling alseep before the auction, since the time was nearing. then he spotted on that was just sitting in her cage awake, he walked over to it, even after protests from the seller about "better pricier ones". he didn't care, he looked at this one through it's cage and talked about buying her right now for as much as the seller wanted.​
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    Nora sighed, hearing more footsteps cross the floor. 'Yet another buyer that will pass me.' She though, glaring down at the chain she had locked between her fingers. She tugged on the chain lightly, knowing it was no use. But soon enough, she heard the footsteps draw near again, causing her green eyed gaze to shift upwards and towards him. She drew her ears back, seeing a man standing before her. She backed up the few inches she had between her position and the wall, her fangs barred.
  7. "not really friendly is she?" jay stated and kneeled down and peered into the cage. "i'll take her," he looked closely at her, she was covered in scars and her fur was a bit matted, her eyes showed mistrust in everyone. Jay handed an amount of money that a resonable person would pay for a yonger, less scared, neko. the seller looked astonished and quickly ran to get the key to her cage. "you can calm down now, your coming home with me."
  8. Nora looked up at the man, frightened and scared. She hissed at him, showing her anger and hatred. She hated humans, in particular of the male species. They where vile, and cruel, seizing any chance to take advantage of woman in any way. She growled at him, her tail curling tightly around her arm as she pulled on her chains, trying to stay farther away from him. He looked evil, and he smelled that way to, she could see it. He was to use her as a play toy.
  9. Jay showed his own fangs, but using a smile as her seller came back and opened her cage, handing her chain to him. "come now, don't be mad." he reached out his hand to her.
  10. Nora stayed away from his hand, hissing violently as she unsheathed her claws, prepared to strike at any moment. She did not trust a vampire like him, he was to much like her old and cruel master, she was not taking any chances.
  11. Jay sighed and looked at her "im Jay, don't call me master just Jay" he pulled at her chain gently "come now neko, ill take you home"
  12. Nora gasped, the tugging on the chain cutting off her breathing. She staggered forward out of her cage and towards him, her muscles weak and starved. She stared up at him, breathing hard as she glared at him.
  13. "don't look at he like that, i just saved your life," he stated and rolled his eyes "im sorry i may have pulled to hard buut i didn't mean to." he began walking, holding her chain
  14. Nora growled. "I would rather die than be with the likes of you." She hissed, stumbling along as he lead her away from that place.
  15. "ah, so you can talk." he turned his head to look at her as he walked, though she wasn't very nice her scars showed why, even Jay understood that "well to bad because i'm going too take care of you from now on"
  16. Nora growled. "Take care of me, my ass. There is nothing about this that screams 'I'm going to help you' like yanking me along with a metal death trap." She said.
  17. "well i got you out of that cage didn't I? that says a little at least," he stated loosening his pulling on the chain, letting it swing between them limply "and ill take this off of you once we get home, Neko"
  18. Nora hissed, tugging on it. "I have a name you know." She growled at him, her hands wrapping around the chain. "Not that I would ever tell you." She hissed at him.
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