Oglaf Iwaku

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  1. So thirsty T_T
  2. I always get my revenge.
  3. Great. I'm the incompetent virgin who is constantly masturbating and narrowly avoiding gay rape on a daily basis. Also Diana's whipping boy.

    I see how it is, Kitti. :[
  4. sounds about right to me osso
  5. You know me so well, Kitti :3
  6. I am tagged.

    I am glad you did. xD
  7. I admit, I came into this thread thinking "Who in the fuck is making an NSFW topic in the general forums!?"
  8. Good thing I'm a nonentity when it comes to the community so I have no counterpart! Also I can't think of a sullen lurker character from Oglaf who'd fit the bill anyway.

    Totally agree on Asmo though.
  9. Mostly for the amusing relationship with Diana's, Ozzie.
  10. Wait, if I was tagged, who am I supposed to be? xD
  11. ... I call Greir.

  12. I'm a Princess? I think.
  13. I MIGHT approve... >>
  14. I... am very amused.