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  1. Hi there. Often here.

    Things to Know
    • If you're also an adult member, mature themes can be worked into our roleplay.
    • I mostly prefer to roleplay in private conversations, but I'm fine with roleplaying in threads.
    • I'm generally able to post a few times a day. I prefer that my partner gives me a post at least once a day.
    • Let me know if you're unable to post for more than a day or two. I'll do the same.
    • I play male and female characters, and I do all pairing types.
    • Take a look at my roleplay resume for additional information.
    Starting Topics and Pairings - These can be combined with each other.

    Boarding School
    High School Drama
    Organized Crime
    Con Artist Couple
    Starting a Family
    Foster Care
    Alien Invasion
    Time Travel
    Space Saga
    Futuristic War
    Family Drama
    Superheros and Villains
    Dystopian Society

    Celebrity x Fan
    Celebrity x Manager
    Immortal x Time Traveler
    Amnesiac x Spouse
    Parent x Teacher
    Parent x Babysitter

    Interested? Send me a private message, or reply here for me to send you one.
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  2. Huh, a celebrity x fan actually sounds kinda fun at the moment, if you're open that is.
  3. Interested in order of preference

    Parent x Babysitter
    High school drama / family drama
    Dystopian society / pandemic
    or any of the genres that doesn't involve space or aliens or polyamory really. :p
  4. Hey :) I'd be interested in boarding school, runaways, or kidnapping if you're still looking
  5. Hey, would you do fan fiction and fantasy themes?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.