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  1. Hi.

    Let's cut to the chase.

    I've been having weird writing cravings and have decided to post them on here to see if anyone in their right mind would want to write them out with me. I highly doubt I'll get a whole lot of interest, though, in all honesty, so I'm not going to be posting a whole lot of them. Spaces are limited. Get 'em while you can, if you even want to reserve one.

    Might as well throw out some guidelines, give you a little view of what type of writer I am.

    - X -
    I - I'm busy. Yeah, I have a life, believe it or not. To add, life is being a huge douche to me currently, so I 'ought to warn you about my posting frequency. I try to get on and do at least a post per day, or per every two or three days, but sometimes, I'll go silent for a week dealing with my outside activities. Respect that. I promise that, if you don't lay a lot of pressure on me to post a lot, I will provide an abundance of patience for you in return. It's the least that I can do in return for you being lenient with my bullshit. But, if I don't reply within - eh, lets say two weeks - I implore you to send me a poke or a shove. Things tend to slip my mind when I'm pushed too far and forced to start multi-tasking, unfortunately, so it can happen. I'll do the same.

    II - When I get into a post, I write a lot. I'm not exaggerating. It can go from three five-sentence+ paragraphs to - well, there's not much of a maximum. I'm looking for someone who wants to write long like me. At least two paragraphs or more. Though I want you to know that I never expect as much as I write in return from my partners, I'm setting the two-paragraph minimum as a regulation for my partners. Get the hell out of my face if you do one-line posts.
    Mind you that I'm attempting to shorten my posts. I realize that they won't be ideal - please don't critique me. I'm well aware and don't need it. I hope to shorten my casual post lengths by as much as possible as I go, since walls of text, as I know, are not fun to read all the way through. But sometimes, it's inevitable, so bear with me.

    III - Now, let me make this very clear - grammar needs to be decent. I can't sit through a post full of text speak and the whole number speak thing you weird newer generation do. I'm very lenient when it comes to typos, so long as they aren't constant throughout the entire duration of the post. But simply, I need my partner to be able to write decent English. I go mad whenever I see multiple mistakes in my partners' writing.

    IV - Two things - gender playing and relationship preferences. Firstly, I play males and females fluidly, even though I tend to stick with males most of the time. I may have preferences depending on the pairing/idea, which will be specified below. Don't complain. If you don't like it, I'm not forcing you to do the idea at all. And secondly, relationship preferences. Because I'm too much of a prick to start spreading out my writing currently, I'm sticking with Male-Female pairing types. Male-Male and Female-Female just ... aren't my cup o' tea. Not now, at least. Someday, when I have the time to learn, I aspire to stretch out to those heights, but for now, sticking with the straight pairing type.

    V - And, of course, who can forget mature content. I am currently in the Teen section of the Mature sections, since I am just a pinch underneath the appropriate age for the Adult section. Another list of things I want to be made very clear.
    I do violence. I do gore. I do sexual references, I do excessive swearing - but I do not write out smut. No, I'm sorry, if you're looking to fondle a fetish-filled fantasy through your keyboard, I am not the person to ask for it. Anything else, I am absolutely fine with, even innuendos/references to sexual situations. But when the clothes come off, the curtains come down, and we fade to black. No exceptions.

    - X -
    That's it for rules.
    Still here?


    So, pairings. I have ideas for all of them, of course, but I do not want to post them here. Just slap down your interest onto this thread and I'll send you a PM for a discussion.

    These ideas are all supposed to be rather light-hearted unless I say otherwise. Of course, there will be elements to spice up the story throughout, but I'm honestly already dealing with enough to sink me. I'd rather not have to worry over my characters the way I do.

    Oh, and one last note.
    Any pairing position highlighted in orange is the one I'm going to be. Just to let you know.
    Plus, red X means taken by a partner. Green ✓ means open for a partner.

    - X -
    Harpy {M} / Human {F} - [ ]
    Been wanting to test this out for a while, but I haven't gotten the chance to yet. Adventurous, with some action thrown into there at points. Survival-type roleplay with the choice of romance or platonic relationship - either is fine.

    Merman {M} / Human {F} - [ X ]
    I think this one could be very interesting, very cute, and very enjoyable for both of us. Very low-tension roleplay, this one.

    Giant {M} / Human {F} - [ X ]
    More of an 'unlikely friendship' type story that I've had a huge craving to try out. Really looking forward to seeing how it goes, if anyone wants to do it.

    Dragon {M} / Dragon {F} - [ ]
    Who doesn't like dragons? High action, common enemy, alliance to friendship to even love - who knows what can happen.

    Alpha Wolf {M} / Rogue Wolf {F} - [ ]
    Yep, I'm proudly guilty of liking Animal-genre roleplays. I have an idea for this that, to be rightly understood, needs to be explained in further detail. Looking forward to trying this one out.

    - X -
    And that's it.
    Hope you find one you like, friend.
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  2. Interested in the Merman/Human RP- I've been meaning to stretch my roleplaying legs, so to speak. I don't have a problem with writing longer posts. I was thinking kind of an italian setting? Could be promising.
  3. There aren't many people on this site who don't put an upper limit on their writing length. Color me interested.

    Depending on for what exactly you are looking, I could be interested in either HarpyxHuman, DragonxDragon, or WolfxWolf. With the right plot, though, you could get me to go for any of the ones you listed.

    If you want to read through my work first, please feel free to peruse the forum. I'll gladly provide a writing sample if you will as well. Otherwise, shoot me a PM, and we can start planning.
  4. @PrisonerZero

    Unfortunately - and I realize that I should mention this up above - the Merman / Human idea has already been taken. The person PM'd me, so it wasn't clear on here if it was reserved already. I'm going to start showing which are taken and which aren't for better clarity.
    Do you have any interest in one of the other ideas, though? I'd never want to cast off a potential partner.


    I've looked over a couple of your One-on-One roleplays, and your posts are perfect for what I'm searching for, my friend. I'll shoot you a message ASAP so that we can figure out which idea we'd both like most, but pay mind that I might not be able to respond again until after my classes are over today. I'll be leaving soon to go to them.
  5. The Giant/ Human one catches my eye, mostly because I prefer playing a human or humanoid character.
  6. @PrisonerZero

    I'd be absolutely thrilled to do that one with you, that's perfect. I've been wanting to play around with it and see where it can go for a long time now. I'll send you a message so that we can discuss details right away.
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