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Officially Announcing the Iwaku Random Generators!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jul 30, 2013.


    Have you played with one of those cool Random Name generators, or Random Sentence Generators? Character Generators? Power Generators? Not only are these things entertaining to fiddle with, they can be super awesome when you need ideas and inspiration for your stories, characters, or roleplays.

    And because we LOVE generators so much, Iwaku is now developing our own homebrew Random Generators! Right now, we have three very silly generators as a test run and example. In fact, give them a try and test them out.

    In order to KEEP building these sweetass generators, we need MEMBER IDEAS AND HELP! There's a Project Group all set up where you can report bugged scripts, suggest generator ideas, as well as help us build the random content that gets generated. Right now we're in the middle of constructing Iwaku versions of our current generators! 8D

    Enjoooooy, and don't forget to tell us how they work. >:]
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