Official Movie Costume: Deadpool

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  1. [​IMG]

    Love it? Hate it? Thoughts?
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  2. love it only if this movie is actually happening
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  3. Oh this movie is totally happening my friend.

    I just hope they don't tone down the language and violence that tends to make Deadpool hilarious, but the people making it sound like they're pretty passionate about getting it right.
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  4. It is happening. 100% Happening. It is filming now, in Toronto, with Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin. It is coming out in 2016, Summer.

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  5. Looks like the Deadpool costume to me. I'm still not completely sold on the movie idea though. It can very easily turn into a mess of bad jokes and lazy 4th wall breaks. We will see.
  6. This is the cure!

    Only more like a topical ointment
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  7. Unfortunately, I heard they were making it PG-13, so the things you love might be sacrificed.

    Love the suit, though. Just wish I was more familiar with Deadpool.
  8. Considering Fury, that recent war movie, got a 14A rating and it was gorier and more disturbing than Saving Private Ryan, I'm not too worried. Even if it was similar to how Guardians of the Galaxy was, then I'd be content.
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  9. Looks rather sexy to me.
  10. 10/10, would bang.
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  11. I'm with Grumps.

    Also, super stoked for this! :O
  13. Actually even better it's February 2016!!!

    I am so excited for this movie also @Quiet One apparently they did say its 13+ but Ryan said they are still debating on the topic, my god i can't wait!

  14. Considering the kind of content in PG-13 movies, I can totally see this being a hard PG-13. If the violence is especially "comic book-y", like in the little preview clip they showed with Ryan Reynolds doing voice work and mo-cap in, then it could definitely get a PG-13 just because of that. It's blood/swear words that will give it the R-rating, and if they play their cards right...


    I got high hopes.

  15. Deadpool is my #1 favourite Comic Book Character, so I'm more than stoked with it coming out next week.
  16. I am a bit concerned by the PG13 thing.
    But it is true that movies seem to have stricter requirements to be rated R now, so it may turn out fine.
  17. He looks magnificent.
  18. he looks hilarious
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