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  1. I've seen this used elsewhere so why not here?

    This will basically be a list/archive of people's birthdays.
    So post your own and have it added to the list.

    -No one here yet, get with the program fool!

    Finhawk - 2nd
    ElBell - 6th

    Dipper - 1st
    Gonzo - 2nd
    Gwazi Magnum - 4th
    CozyCoz - 14th
    Lawkheart - 31st

    Faithviper - 8th
    Ser K+ - 15th
    Santario - 19th

    Edgey - 25th

    Isho13 - 27th

    Halo - 5th
    KeatonWorshipper - 8th
    Luna - 16th
    Inzane620 - 17th
    Justice_20 - 19th
    Ace23 - 22nd

    Koschei - 1st
    Ornstein - 4th
    chainedfiction - 5th
    Diana - 26th

    Clue - 20th
    Polystical - 27th
    SlamifiedBuddafied - 28th

    Nydanna - 11th
    Kaga-kun - 16th
    C92cool - 23rd

    Lucifers Sairen - 23rd

    Hanako-chan - 24th
    Sen - 27th
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  2. Why the hell not. April 19th
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  3. May as well July 19th
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  4. You know that if you go to Members > Notable Members, there's a list of users having a birthday at the bottom of the page, yeah?

    I'm not sure the point of this thread
  5. No I didn't know that... :(

    But that's only the day of, not a year long catalog. :P
  6. Oh. Almost forgot. March 2.

    I was going to post in this earlier, but got distracted by hugging @Minibit.
  7. December 24. Christmas Eve :3
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  8. December 27th <3
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  9. List has been updated. :)
  10. August 5th! :D
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  11. August 1st, since we're all doing it.

    Which is also the date of the Swiss National Day, as it happens.
  12. July 5th. I get to soak up all the sweet delicious leftover freedom from you lots' Independence Day.

    I'm only posting because I'm actively hiding the date of my birthday everywhere else. Last year one of my friends sent another a "dragon dildo" for his birthday as a joke. His rather traditional Chinese mother opened the package. And now that same friend has said he's gotten a birthday present for me already, even though he doesn't know when my birthday is. I'm terrified of what the hell will turn up in my mail if he finds out when it is.
  13. February 6th here!

    I actually like this idea since I don't think anyone really goes to look at the page Mini mentioned, and maybe a thread will help people see a partner's birthday coming up!
  14. August 22nd :) The very end of summer.. makes me sad.
  16. Updated again. :)
  17. March 31st
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  18. The 30th of a month not March or others. I have no birthday.
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