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    Fae woke up early that morning her boss had called her in early because they were booked for today. She got up jumping in the shower and washing up, She got out of the shower and put on some make-up after blow drying her hair. She pulled on a white tank top and white button up blouse, and some gray pin-strip slacks. She always dressed like this for work, it was formal and decent for her job. She got in her car, a Chevy Malibu and drove to the Law firm she worked for, it was a small place, but they got a lot of business. Fae lived by herself...well minus her cat, Sniff. She was 23 years old and had been working there since 21. She liked her job, but she didn't really like her boss, 6 other people worked at the law firm, but Fae was the only one called in early. She walked in, clocked in and sat at her desk, placing the coffee she had gotten from Starbucks before coming to work, she already had 3 case's on her desk, she opened the first one up and began to read through it. She was a lawyer, but she also met with people priavately to discuss their case and what not.
  2. Paige got out of the elevator with a cup of coffee in each hand; one for her and another for her boss. Her messenger bag was slung across her body, creating minuscule wrinkles which she can easily remove. She's usually the earliest one to arrive as she is the assistant of the big bad wolf but when she got in, Fae was already on her desk. "Shit," she whispered under her breath. If Fae's here already then it means the Wolf has already occupied the den. Once in a blue moon, the Wolf does things like these which she believes is a personal punishment for her. He enjoys watching her squirm uneasily when she doesn't get things perfect, the sadistic bastard.

    "Hey," she barely paused to give Fae a smile before placing her coffee on her desk and hurriedly removing her bag before smoothing out her wrinkles. She could clearly see Fae from her desk as she faced her cubicle directly. Fae looked up at her as she stood straight, ready to face the big bad wolf alone in his den. She mouthed 'wish me luck' before she turned on her heel and entered a suicide mission.
  3. Fae looked up as Paige walked in. "thank god, you're here, she has up booked up too the neck." Fae said handing her some of the cases marked, 'for Paige'. "good luck she is already in a bitchy mood, she didn't get laid this morning from her oh so perfect husband." Fae mumbled under her breath." She watched as Paige walked into the office and immediately heard yelling. what was the wolf so mean to Paige she didn't deserve it. Fae and Paige had been friends since they stared working together, and the wolf had always been mean to her and Fae, it was like they were her favorites and she didn't know how to giver her favorites a break. After Paige came out Fae was still working, but she looked up at Paige. "how did it go?"

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    "Ugh, somebody get that woman a dildo." Paige hissed as she walked to Fae's desk. She took the files that were meant for her and by the looks of it, she'll be here all night again. There goes her Friday night. "How the hell am I supposed to know that she's coming in early?! Jesus Christ! She's bloody insane." She looked over to Fae's work load. "Yikes, looks like you'll be here all night too, partner."
  5. Fae looked up to her and nodded. "I am every night, it's what I do, work and work some more, that's why I can't have dogs." The wolf stepped out of her office and stuck her head out. "Ladies, no one else is coming in today so you are all alone, split the work load and do not disturb me for the next hour, I have to tend to things." Fae waited for the boss to leave and then she looked over at Paige. "I don't think we need to get her one, I think she has her own." Fae chuckled a little. "but the work load being split is not going to be fun at all." Fae stood up and walked over to the pile with everyone's names on them, she grabbed some and the left some for Paige.
  6. Paige took the rest of the files and started organizing them based on what needed to be done immediately, what can wait for a bit, and those that only needed the finishing touches. They worked silently for awhile, each hunched over their pile of work. It was folder, coffee, typing, print, folder, coffee, typing, print. After awhile Paige rubbed the bridge of her nose. Her contact lenses were hurting. She took them out and reached for her glasses on her desk.

    "Hey, what do you say we go girls night out tomorrow? It's been some time since either of us has been out and it's good to get some stress release."
  7. Fae worked and worked, going through each pile as it called for. Her coffee got cold she stood up and walked over the small fridge that they all shared, taking out a fruit drink and carrying it to her desk, glancing over at Paige as she put on her glasses, they looked nice on her. "cute glasses, Paige, and yeah I girls night out sounds fantastic." Fae chuckled a little before sitting back down and beginning to work again. This was why Fae didn't like her job very much, she loved what she did, just not what she had to do here, it was always work work work, not once did the boss send her for an actual case.
  8. The whole day went by without either of the girls noticing. The Wolf had barely even glanced outside. They didn't know what she could possibly be doing, but it looked as if the phone lines were always occupied. Paige looked at the office clock; it was already a quarter past 7. They barely ate lunch having forgotten about it. She looked at the pile on her desk that still needed work. She's not going to be able to finish that tonight. She decided she'd take home the ones that only needed to be looked over for any mistakes and finalization. She looked at Fae, still buried in her workload. Suddenly, the Wolf has stepped out of the den, coat and purse in tow.

    "Alright ladies, see you both on Monday." Paige waited until the elevator doors closed before she released a sigh of relief.

    "Dear goodness, I thought she'd never let us leave." She started putting the files that she was going to take home in her bag. "So, you got any plans for tonight Fae?"
  9. Fae sat through the day occasionally getting up to go to the bathroom and get a fruit cup or something from the fridge. Fae was still piled in work though when the boss came out and told them she would see them Monday, she looked up and saw Paige putting files in her bag, and listened to her ask her what she was doing tonight. "Well, considering the work load I still have." which wasn't really a lot, Fae had gotten a majority of it done, all she had left to do was stuff that need finalization or that needed to be approved or disprove. Fae looked at her desk and realized how much she had actually gotten done. She stood up and put the rest in her bag. "Hey Paige, do you wanna go out for drinks?" Fae needed a break and she figured that Paige did too.
  10. Paige finished loading her files in the bag. She straightened and looked at Fae as she thought about getting drinks. She looked at her watch, checking the time. Oh, what the hell. It's not like she had any other plans anyway.

    "Sure, I know a cool place just a couple of blocks away."
  11. Fae looked at Paige, she looked like she didn't want to go. "you don't have to if you don't want too but if you do then okay lets go." Fae grabbed her bag and stood up and smiled at Paige. She was kinda excited she had not been out of the house for awhile, and she could use a break.
  12. Fae drove to the Velvet Maven. It was supposed to be a high end bar but it was actually quite pleasant place. Paige knew the places in the area well enough seeing as how she lived there. She had a crappy apartment but who cares. The place allowed her to walk to the office everyday which was what she preferred.

    "Hi Joe," Paige said they went straight to the bar. "Martini, please. Very dirty," she humorously added.

    "I know you like it dirty, girl. How are we lovely ladies doing tonight?" Joe was a lovely guy. He was pleasant, he was fun, Paige liked hanging out at the Maven just to hang out with him when he's at work.

    "Ugh, we're knackered. By the way, this is Fae." Paige stretched her neck on impulse and heard it crack.

    "Damn girl. They be working your asses off real hard and it is a pleasure to meet such a lovely creature. And what it'll for the lovely little miss?" he said, pertaining to Fae. another costumer at the bar motioned to order and Joe excused himself.

    "Be right back, I'll just go freshen up. Just get anything, Joe's pretty much the best bartender in all of Chicago."
  13. Fae walked into the Velvet Maven with Paige she had been here once, but that was years ago when she first started working. Fae looked at Joe, he was very handsome. Fae smiled at the bartender as he returned to take her order and put Paige's drink down. "Hi, I will have a Martini as well." Fae felt kinda out of place, she had not been out in a while so this was kinda new for her, Joe winked at her and made her drink, handing it to her. Fae took a sip and then realized that the chairs were kinda spiny. Fae found herself going back to when she was a child and twisting in the chairs. Fae giggled a couple times before seeing Paige come back out to the var, she stopped in case Paige had seen her, she didn't want {Paige to think she was already drunk or that she was immature. "Hi. I got the same thing you did."
  14. "Oh, goodie. Awesome chairs right?" Paige said as she sat back down, spinning her own after seeing Fae do it just after she came out. She has released her hair from the bun and it cascaded down in beautiful red curls on her shoulders. She removed her blazer and was only left with a sleeveless button up top and high-waist skirt. She had reapplied her make-up, vamping it up just a bit to fit into the scene. Paige looked at Fae and caught her staring at Joe.

    "He's hot, isn't he? He's Michael Angelo's David dipped in hot caramel." She understood why Fae found him attractive. Paige would've fallen for him too. If she didn't already know he was gay the first 5 seconds that she saw him. That thing they called Gaydar? Totally true. The only secret of it is that it takes one to know one. "Too bad he's gay though."
  15. Fae looked up at Paige, she looked really nice, she had taken her blazer off so she looked really comfortable and she fixed her make-up too. "you look fitting." Fae chuckled as she took another drink of her martini.

    "oh um, yeah he's cute." Fae had no idea that Paige had caught her staring, she didn't mean to, she was never really into guys, but he was cute.

    "He's gay...." Fae was kinda shocked she hadn't caught that, ussualy she did. Fae had been Bi since she was in 9th grade, her first girlfriend was unsure of her sexuality but Fae didn't care she was discovering herself as well. "It's kinda hot in here." Fae said as she took off her blazer and undid the first 2 buttons of her blouse., Fae left her hair up though, Fae hated ehr hair, so she always wore it up.
  16. Paige found herself staring at Fae then suddenly turned away. She almost felt embarrassed by what she was doing. She took a large gulp from her drink and looked around.

    "Paige!" She looked to the direction of the voice thick with an Australian accent.

    "Allister!" She jumped out of her seat and hugged her good friend, Allister. He pulled her up by the hug and she shrieked in excitement. "I missed you, baby." His arms still held her in protectively and Paige hugged him again when he said that. "I missed you too! When did you get back from Australia?"

    "Just yesterday. I haven't even unpacked yet." They uncoiled from the hug, but still held each other arm in arm. "Oh god! How rude of me!" She faced Fae and smiled. "Fae, this is my wonderful, ultra-terrific, stunningly good-looking friend, Allister. Allister, this is Fae. She's also a lawyer, so make sure you watch yourself around her.

    "Oh gods, another one? I already have to watch myself so much around you!" He joked but extended his hand that wasn't holding Paige. "Hi love, it's a pleasure to meet you."
  17. Fae felt weird when Paige jumped up and said hello to ehr friend she watched as they hugged and jumped and got all excited. Fae looked at Allister, he was cute, and so was his accent.

    "Hi, My names is Fae and don't worry, I won't inforce the law when I am not on the job." Fae chuckled trying to hide her awkwardsness.
  18. He gave her a playful wink. "Sounds like a good deal." They all sat back down at the bar, Paige in between Fae and Allister. "So how are things with you, darling? I haven't seen you in ages."

    "Oh, you know. Still working at this shitty job, trying to get out of this hellhole."

    "Yeah, you girls look like you could use some pick-me-ups. Listen, I got this party tomorrow night at my place. I'd love it if you lovely ladies came over. I know Paige is going, so how about you, lovely Fae?"
  19. Fae chuckled as Paige talked about her job, it really was an awful place to work, but it had good pay and the co-workers were nice. Fae looked at Allister as he asked her to his party.

    "Oh-ummm." Fae thought about it, she had never been to a party before, or at least since she was in collage, so she was little different now, in collage she was a real party girl, always getting drunk and dancing on tables, strip teasing, the whole nine yards, but after she got her job, she let go of that life and accepted the fact that she was now an adult.

    "Well, I have not been to a party in a long time, so I might not be that fun to have there..." Fae wanted to go she really did, but she didn't really have a reason not to go, her usual friends were like her, except they were also married, 35, and had a couple of kids, so Fae didn't have that excuse.

    "I want to go, I really do, it's just-" Fae though of a reason not to go, not being able to come up, with a reasonable one she came up with a stupid one.

    "-I have a cat at home and I don't have anything to wear and I would be a party pooper..." Fae ordered another drink, on her own bill, and drank it down, she began to feel uneasy, it wasn't that she didn't want to she just wasn't used to that type of thing anymore, and she didn't want to ruin the fun for everyone else.
  20. "Oh, dear god. You are the worst liar ever! And you're supposed to be a lawyer! You can come up with something better than that." Paige laughed at Fae's uneasiness. She didn't understand why she was trying to make excuses when they were supposed to go out tomorrow night anyway.

    "Yeah, she's going alright. Even if I have to literally drag her ass down the street." Allister laughed because he knew that Paige meant it. He remembered that one time... nope. He shook that away from his memory and continued laughing. Paige and he were good friends. They tried to be more than that before, I mean, who could blame him? The girl was drop-dead gorgeous and to top it off, she's actually got brains and a sense of humor to go along with it!

    "Now, now, Paige. Now's not the time to be discussing matters such as Fae's ass." Another laughter burst from the duo as another drink was placed in front of Paige.

    "Joe darling, I didn't order this." Joe gave her a naughty smirk, "I know you didn't. However, that yummy-looking lady over there did." Paige looked over at the other end of the bar and raised her glass at the woman for thanks. She also threw in a little naughty smirk and a wink.

    "I'm glad see that nothing's changed with you." Allister commented, meaning her reputation that preceded her from college about being a serial heartbreaker.

    "Oh, come on, Al. It's not like I'm doing it on purpose, right Fae?" She winked flirtatiously at Fae who seemed to be getting sucked in her own world again.