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  1. Alana looked at the beach and smiled. As usual she was the first one there for the end of the year beach party and bonfire. Not wasting any time she started to unload the drinks from her car, struggling to keep an eye on the ground while carrying the drinks. Thankfully she was able to make it without tripping or falling flat on her face.

    When she was close to finishing she heard another car drive up and figured it was one of the girls or guys in the group.
  2. Jason opened the door of his care and took a giant bag with snacks and the sorts with him as he walked down to the beach.
    Upon seeing Alana he called out to her "Hey, you still need help?".
    He walked up to her putting down the bag and looked around.
    "You are first as usual I guess?"
  3. "Jason!" She said, grinning and turned so she could jump up and wrap her arms around him. "I'm almost done, and yeah, I think everyone just waits until we are done setting up to come. They probably have it down to a science now." Alana said, letting go of him carefully so she wouldn't slip on a rock or something. "I think there's one big case of some drink the guys told me to buy left. I doubt I can carry it and stay upright."
  4. As she jumped him he hugged her back and smiled giving her a nod when she let go.
    "I will get it then, is there much to prepare left? You've been busy, you shouldn't just do all the things alone."
    Jason took the last things down and sat down looking at the sea.
    "It's always a little nostalgic beeing here isn't it?"
    He spaced off watching the waves reach the beach.
  5. She shrugged. "You know how I am. Jessica was supposed to come help me, but her and Eric... You know how they can't get enough of each other." Alana said with a laugh. "I honestly don't mind, it means I don't have to clean up and can leave early if need be." She explained before following his gaze and looking out at the waves.

    "I guess this will be our last one of these... Unless we keep the tradition up when we get back from college each summer. Maybe we'll come up with some other tradition." Alana shrugged and then tugged on his hand. "I have a present for you, just a little something since we're headed off to different colleges."
  6. He had to laugh as she mentioned their friends "I'm sure you will get yourself problems one day because you do all the things yourself. You are right though, it has it's upsides to set the things up rather than cleaning them."
    As she mentioned college he felt uneasy, he didn't tell her yet about his plans going to the military.
    "College..huh?...Time sure passed by fast.."
    Jason looked a little surprised as she took his hand "A present? You didn't have to get me anything..." he had nothing for her and didn't like it, he was going to confess her his plans tonight and now it wouldn't be much easier.
  7. "I made it for you, and technically it was for a class so I don't know how much of a present it counts as. I thought you might like it though." Alana said, pulling him to the car. She took it out of her glove box and set it in his hand. "It's a keychain, you can put it on your dorm room keys or something. I thought it would remind you of me."

    The keychain had a small hand carved red bird on it since he used to say she had the energy of a bird when she was little. It was wooden and looked fragile even though it was not.
  8. As he saw the keychain he couldn't do else but smile.
    "Thank you a lot! I will always keep it with me." he looked at her and took a deep breath.
    "I have to tell you something...about col-..." Jason saw other cars drive up and was interupted by it.
    "Oh they others are here!" changing the topic felt everything else but right, he just couldn't tell her, she protested before and she wouldn't like to hear it.
  9. Alana could tell he had been about to tell her something serious, but had used everyone else arriving to change the subject. Instead of pushing him she decided he would tell her eventually.

    "Great! I'm going to go talk to Jess, could you grab that last pack of drinks? It's in the trunk." She told him before heading off to greet the others. There were nine of them in total that had always been friends. Not all of them were the same and they had grown apart, but their friendship had stayed sound.

    "Welcome to be best end of school year beach party every!" She called as she got closer to the cars that had parked.
  10. He nodded and went to get the last pack. "That was so dumb...I should have just said it.." he complained to himself before looking at the others bringing the stuff down to the beach and greeting everyone.
    "You guys are late, as always!" Jason grinned walking to the rest of the group.
  11. "Like you two even care, we were trying to give you alone time so you finally get together." Eric called, laughing as he started setting up the volleyball net.

    "You know not everyone is like you and Jess, Eric. Some people don't just look for a relationship right away." Alana said with a roll of her eyes. Jason and her were always teased about being in love and their friends tried to make them go together, but so far nothing had happened. Alana didn't want to force anything and was fine just being friends.

    "Come on, lets get in the water before it gets too cold." Alana said, slipping off her dress and exposing her swim suit. When some of the guys started whistling she shook her head. "You all have girlfriends or boyfriends!"
  12. Jason had to laugh at the thought of them beeing together, he obviously had the thought, but right now they were so good friends, there was no need to go for that.
    All his worries were gone for now just enjoying the party was his goal now.
    "It looks good on you though, and I don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend." he grinned getting rid of all his clothes besides the trunks before running at her.
    "We should hurry indeed!" he picked her up and charged toward the water with her in his arms and jumped into the water with her.
  13. Alana screamed laughed as she was picked up. "You're the only one, maybe you should hook up with Marissa, she's single." Alana said, wrapping her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall.

    Once they were in the water she started to kick and swim away from him. "You can't catch me!" Alana called although she wasnt that fast of a swimmer. Her short body put her at a disadvantage.
  14. He laughed "Wouldn't you feel bad if I was with another girl?" he sad teasingly and realized she was swimming away.
    "I will catch you! Don't worry!"
    As his body got a little more used to the water he started swimming after her slowly closing the distance.
    "Almost got you!"
  15. Alana shrugged though you couldn't really tell in the water. "You can be with another girl if you want, we aren't going out or anything." She said.

    As he got closer she went under water completely and waited for him to go past her. When he got close enough Alana pulled on his leg before swimming away. "Tricked you!" She called.
  16. "You could at least pretend that you care"
    He grinned and continued chasing her as his leg got pulled after he lost sight for a second.
    "Damn it!"
    Jason was eager to catch her now and this time he caught her arm after swimming after he for a bit.
    "Got you!"
  17. Alana laughed and turned to him. "You know I'm fine with you seeing other girls Jason, I've had a couple boyfriends and you've been fine with it. Besides we're going to different colleges. We can still stay good friends, but romance... That's hard long distance. " She told him, kissing his cheek. "You'll always be my first kiss though, even if you forced in on me in first grade."
  18. Jason got a little more serious as she mentioned college again.
    "Well distance won't be a problem for us."
    He smiled at her before looking a little annoyed.
    "Hey! You told me to kiss you back then! Don't blame me for that."
    Jason slowly started swimming away from her feeling uneasy again.
    "Hey... could we talk alone sometime later? I have to tell you something important."
  19. "Yeah, of course." Alana said, giving him a smile. "We can talk any time you want. You just better not tell me you got some girl pregnant, because I won't be cool with that." She joked before swimming towards the shore.

    Alana hadnt been able to eat much that day so she wanted to get some food in her before she had any more exercise.
  20. He grinned "Not it's not that bad"
    Jason got out of the water after thinkin about how to explain it for a while.
    "Hey, leave some food for me too!"
    He walked up to everyone looking at what food was around.
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