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    25 Things You Should Know About Worldbuilding (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding (thanks to Minibit)
    Bat in the Attic: A Fantasy Sandbox in Detail Part I of 34 (thanks to Minibit)
    Casey Hudson Interview - Naming in Mass Effect (thanks to Lysander)
    The Cornerstones of Worldbuilding | Worldbuilder (thanks to Minibit)
    Fantasy WorldBuilder Guide (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions (thanks to Diana)
    Jacmus Prime World Building Guide, Resources & Ideas (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Moody's World Inspirer (thanks to The Mood is Write)
    Roleplaying Tips: The Spiral Method of World Building (thanks to Minibit)
    Settings - Television Tropes & Idioms (thanks to Minibit)
    Writing & Worldbuilding - (thanks to Minibit)


    Seventh Sanctum: Being and Creature Generators (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Tales of Amalthea (thanks to Tribs)


    Clan Generator (thanks to The Mood is Write)


    Naque's Word Mixer (thanks to Lysander)


    10 Amazing Real World Locations for Fantasy Worldbuilding (thanks to Tribs)
    Brief History of Building Materials (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Clevergirlhelps: City Planning (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Grid Unlocked: How Street Networks Evolve as Cities Grow (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    House#Layout (thanks to WhisperingWillows)
    A List of 10 Types of Flooring Material (thanks to WhisperingWillows)
    List of House Types (thanks to WhisperingWillows)
    Seventh Sanctum: Setting Generators (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Town & City Development Questions (thanks to Minibit)
    The Writing Cafe: Fictional Modern Cities (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)


    A Guide to Writing Witchcraft (thanks to Kooriryu)


    ANAmap: a free RPG Map Editor (thanks to The Mood is Write)
    Build Your World With Continental Drift (thanks to Peregrine)
    Cartographers' Guild (thanks to Revision)
    Easy Way to Make Fantasy World Maps (Photoshop) (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Fantasy Cartography with Adobe Photoshop - Part 1 (Trees) (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Fantasy Cartography with Adobe Photoshop - Part 2 (Mountains & Hills) (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Fantasy Cartography with Adobe Photoshop - Part 3 - (Swamps & Deserts) (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Fantasy World Generator (thanks to Kooriryu)
    Fractal World Generator (thanks to Iskari)
    Monumental Sight-Lines (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Mythical Cartography, The Artistry of Maps (thanks to Revision)
    Photoshop Cartography #1 - Mountain Brushes (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Random City Map Generator (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Stanford Polygon Map Generation (thanks to Diana)
    World Maker (thanks to Zypher)


    Environment, Setting, Vehicle, Item, and Equipment Generator (thanks to The Mood is Write)


    Alien Species Generator (thanks to The Mood is Write)
    Creating Garrus: Mass Effect's Character Design (thanks to Lysander)
    Mass Effect - Creating the Asari - Game Informer (thanks to Lysander)
    Mass Effect - Creating the Krogans (thanks to Lysander)
    Mass Effect - Creating the Salarians, Batarians (thanks to Lysander)
    Seventh Sanctum: Being and Creature Generators (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)


    What Effect Does Geography Have on Climate? (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    World Climates (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)



    AutoREALM (thanks to Diana)
    Dawn of Worlds (thanks to The Mood is Write)
    Dwarf Fortress 40_13 Starter Pack r5 (thanks to KyuubKitsune9)
    Dwarf Fortress: MacNewbie Pack 0.9.10a w/ DF 40.13 (thanks to KyuubKitsune9)
    Dwarf Fortress: Satellite Imagery of DF Worlds (thanks to KyuubKitsune9)
    Fantasy Map TutorialxResources (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    I Want More Mountains Brushes (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    planetGenesis (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Resource Pack 1 Planets (thanks to Quill)
    Terraform (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Tiled Map Editor (thanks to The Mood is Write)
    Tolkien-Style Map Brushes (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Wilbur (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)


    Campaign Cartographer 3 (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Dundjinni Mapping Software (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Fractal Mapper v8.0 (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Fractal Terrains 3 (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    HeavyMetal Map (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    Ortelius (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    RPGMapMaker (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    ViewingDale (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    YeOldeMapMaker (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)


    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: World Builder's Guidebook by Richard Baker (thanks to AwesomenessKON)
    The Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel & Gianni Guadalupi (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    The Flight of Dragons by Peter Dickinson (thanks to Ozzie Chanter)
    The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones (thanks to Elyd)

    Post your resources below to have them added to the list!​
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    I haven't looked around the rest of the site yet if there's more, but here's a bunch of classes related to writing, publishing and worldbuilding. So I figure it might be interesting to more than just me! :D These classes in particular appear to be featuring Brandon Sanderson, the author.
  3. Worldbuilding 101 from N.K. Jemisin:

    I did a recent talk for the Writers’ Digest Online Workshop and Annual Conference on worldbuilding, in which I basically explained how I do what I do, and led participants through an exercise in creating their own world. I’d hoped to actually do the exercise in realtime, using some poster paper and audience participation, but alas, ran out of time. There’s a good example in the Powerpoint, though. Note that if this doesn’t make sense in places, remember that it was meant to be shown alongside me talking and filling in conceptual gaps. But hopefully you can figure it out. PDF file for download. - See more at:
  4. Weave Words With is a collection of links that I manage. Might be useful!

    UPDATE: My host decided to take down my fancy address, so I'm stuck with a weebly url. >_>
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  5. I found this statistic of some of the most common German town name suffixes by chance. Perhaps it is useful to someone.

    Meanings and more suffixes
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