WRITING Of Wool and Nonsense

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  1. Chapter One

    People think I'm depressed. They glance at me for one moment and then deem me sad and torn up inside. My lack of friends defines my personality and disposition in their eyes, when really, I prefer to be alone. Well not completely alone, I like interacting with my family and sometimes their friends. i just don't see the point in making and keeping my own.

    When I was in elementary school I had tons of friends. I was what some people call a social butterfly. I ate and played in dirt with the weird kids. I scored goals with the sporty kids and I fawned over pictures of cute animals with the nature club kids. In middle school, I lost the sporty kids to championships and the nature club kids became the mini PETA kids, so I ditched them. I stayed friends with the weird kids though, but we stopped eating dirt, thank God.

    In high school I lost the weird kids to booze and shrooms. I surveyed the general population for new friends but found none and resigned to a life in solitude. I spent the weekends alone, went to the movies alone, danced at homecoming alone, skipped prom and then graduated alone. Most people pitied or laughed at me, thinking that I was completely and utterly miserable all by myself. But what they didn't know was that spending four years in nothing but my own company has been quite an enjoyable experience to me.

    When you're alone no one can influence you or weigh in on your moral compass. Tasks get easier when you have enough time and silence to focus on them. You don't have to go through the pains of break ups, romantic or friendly, because you are you're own companion.

    I've tried explaining this to my family and relatives, but they just don't seem to understand. Every "I'm okay" translates to "Oh God please help me!" to them. And that's why I'm sitting in my room staring at my dad who's staring at me with a cowbell and a rope in his hands.

    "What's this?"

    Dad scratched the back of his head and gave a shrug. "Your gran sent it in the mail. Called me and said the rest would be comin' later." He took a few steps forward and dropped the bell and rope into my lap. The obnoxious instrument rang out with a loud clanging noise and we both winced.

    "The rest." I repeated, prompting him for some elaboration.

    He shrugged again and furrowed his brow. "Nat, I know you don't get 'long well with your gran, but whatever it is...You gotta at least make an effort 'kay?"

    He was pleading. I hated when he pleaded because I could never say no. No one likes to make their parent sad. "I'll try."

    Chapter Two Preview

    When giving someone a pet, most people start out with a fish or a hamster. Some of the bolder ones might move straight to a kitten or a puppy. Exotic pets were rarely ever given from my experience. Mainly because if you were gifted with some strange animal, you probably weren't supposed to have it in the first place.

    Farm animals...Well those were really only for people with farm land and a need for that particular animal. My family had quite a bit of land but that was because we kept horses. And even then, they were other people's horses what needed rest, so they were never here for long.

    So imagine my surprise when I get up this morning to my little brother's screaming with glee and come downstairs to find a ram with a note tucked into it's collar, standing in the living room.

    The note--When I had managed to snatch it away from the beast--was from my grandmother and it had the most irritating phrase scrawled on to it. A phrase that I had heard many times, and each time it hadn't failed to drive me crazy with annoyance.

    "Dear, Natalie

    Cheer up."

    So, feedback pretty please? :D
    Also I need some title suggestions. The story is about an introvert and her new pet ram. It's supposed to be funny. :D