Of water and blood

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  1. Hurdor felt the man in front of her yank on the chain hanging around her neck. The city outside was in chaos from fear of the inhuman. She didn't know where she was or even what continent she was on anymore. Her black hair was still wet from trying to pulling out of her chains that way, but that didn't work. She needed a miracle to save her, but it didn't look like that was going to happen. The Greek in her tried to fight her way out but she was breaking slowly.
    "You keep your mouth shut naiad and I'll spare your life." the portly man holding the chain said grabbing her chin forcing her to look at him. Than he hooked the chain to the wall of his basement and left.
    Than she fell to the floor and she cried for Posiden, for him to save her. To save the last naiad left on this earth.
  2. Ru had been running from the purgers when he noticed a man taking a naiad into his house. He snuck into the rather small, cottage-like house, sticking to the shadows. When he stepped in, the man began stepping into his basement with the naiad in shackles. Ru thought to help her. Sneaking around to get a better advantage- Haha, I'm a vampire. - he waited for the man to come back. When Ru saw his head pop up, he readied for a pounce. After his entire body arose, he jumped, letting instincts take over. Slashing at the man, teeth gnashing out and hearing his screams, while smelling blood Ru's skin tingle and sent shivers down his spine. When the man stopped lashing our, Ru drank, momentarily forgetting about the naiad. After wiping the last drop of blood with his sleeve, he went into the basement. "Are you still alive naiad?" He asked, letting his vision adjust to the sudden darkness.
  3. She looked up at him scared for a moment trying to get up but instead fell from the weight of the shackles. She looked him up and down. He looked dark and the blood on the floor behind him scared her. "Yes I'm alive, but how did you know I was a naiad?" she said pulling as far away as she could, "You're not a purger are you?" She blinked her blue eyes looking up tugging at the chains, but she'd been out of water to long.
  4. "Hell no. Which, according to purgers, is where I'm going. And I've tasted a few naiads before to recognise the scent of one. Now,lets get you out of those chains." He said, giving a slight grin. He then released her, letting all her weight fall on him. The physical contact gave him shivers and sent a chill down his spine. Giving a blushy smile damn blood, I can't be like this. Falling in love or growing attached would be a horrible idea., he set her down gently,, letting her body slip a way. Tensing at not having that contact but at the same time relaxing that he didn't give in.
  5. It took her a moment to regain some sort of stability. How odd it was that he was so keen on making a move, but not finishing it. She looked at him again. "Can I come with you?" she asked feeling her body start to give way again, "Please I'll follow you any where. All I need is water once or twice a week." she looked up at him and despite the pain she put her arms around him hugging him. "Please sir. I owe you my life. I owe you my freedom."
  6. Realizing how much it meant to her, and him,Ru thought it'll be good to have a companion. "Well, since you asked so nicely, you can follow me. But if I starve, I'd like to drink from you. Naiad blood is sweet and savory and not putrid or full of iron like animals I've had to feed off lately." Ru felt awkward yet comfortable in her arms. He was full, so she needn't worry at the moment. "I hope you could help me get off the island. I'm not very fond of water. And it's not very fond of me."
  7. "That is most fine with me. My blood, and my life is yours." She looked up at him, "And yes I can help get you off this island, but what island is it?" She held on tight as her legs gave way again from lack of water, and she crumbled to the floor.
  8. Ru quickly reached down to catch the naiad. Picking her up from the small of her back and her petite legs, he gave her a quick smile. "Japan. Now, what is your name naiad?" He asked in a gentle, almost caring voice. Keep it together ru. She's just a means of survival. Don't grow attached.
  9. "Hurdor, it's Greek for water. So far from home..." She felt thankful that he was there, "What's your name?" She ran a hand down his cheek feeling the water from him go into her own body. That's when she quickly pulled her hand away. "I'm sorry..."
  10. "My name is Ru. After the fallen angel Ru'mel." He said, giving a warm smile. Feeling her hand against his cheek sent shivers down his spine. "It is I who should be sorry. Lets get you some water." He then left the basement, Hurdor in his arms. He stepped over the dead body and walked to the nearest bathroom. Turning on the water, he set her down gently in the tub.
  11. She felt a great relief when Ru turned on the water and the tub started to fill up. "Thank you," she said feeling herself melt into the water and nearly disappear, "Like I said before I owe you so much." She reached out for his hand pulling it to the edge of the tub. When she looked up at him she could see he was conflicted with some thoughts. "What's your plan to get us to the water, I can get us through the water. It's land that doesn't like me." She sat up long black hair clinging to her back, skin going back to the paleness of the inside of a clam.
  12. Noticing the change in Hurdor, ru picked her up and began walking out the house. He knew she could walk but just wanted, needed the physical contact. He then began sprinting through the woods. "We'll come across that sooner or later. We'll figure it out then." Answering her question with a warm, yet grim smile.
  13. Hurdor wrapped her arms around his neck holding on for dear life. She felt as if she were flying as they went running through the woods. 
    "How can you live like this every day. Flying as you run... its not quiet right..." She curled up slightly trying to wiggle in closer. She tucked her head beneath his chin, burying her face in his neck. "So use to deepness..."
  14. Ru pulled her body in close, savoring the contact. "Well naiad, one day at a time. Now you should rest, we'll be at the shore by sunrise. I'll rest then and you could frolic in the water. We'll figure out a way to get off this island." He had an ache in his non-beating heart when he thought she might leave him. But shrugged it off. He told himself never to get attached. But she is pretty. And that's how his night went. Her in his arms and mind, conflicting upon itself.
  15. Hurdor watched his face closely waiting for him to leave as she sat in one of the tidal pools on the beach. Ru had gone farther than he had let on. The space between them was actually enough to make her heart ache. She thought about the fact that she could just leave, she'd have an ocean to hide in, but she still owed the man her life, and hr freedom. She looked at him closely as he dozed beneath a tree. He was the tall, dark figure everyone dreams of, but he could kill her in a second to. Hurdor pulled a piece of seaweed floating around on the water and sorta stretched it making it into a large piece of green fabric. She hadn't been wearing much of clothing when Ru found her, just what humans called undergarments, and a torn dress of cotton. She fashioned the seaweed fabric around her top after tearing the human dress off. It came down to her knee, and sewed its self around her body as she walked over to Ru closing the distants between them. She kissed his forehead putting a old sea charm on him for luck. She was in debt to him but she still choosed to stay.
  16. Ru stirred in his sleep. He had nightmares, just like any other person. Men claimed him to be a monster, but he could be as gentle as a Faerie. Ever since the purge, men have subjected any non-human creature monsters. And this is why he must leave. He had heard of a safe place in the north pole. But now he had someone tagging along. He hoped that she wouldn't get caught and she could withstand the cold.
  17. Hurdor kneeled next to Ru. She watched him, you could tell he was having a nightmare. She was surprised he didn't wake up when she kissed his forehead. So she ran a hand across his cheek using one of her powers, to see what a person was dreaming about. All she could get was the fear, and hate of those who thought they were monsters. Than she could feel a cold sweep up her arm from where she touched him. It felt like the ice of the article waters. She snapped her hand away as her skin quickly started to adapt to the cold cracking in places because it was warm were she was. She started bleeding from where the largest crack. That's when she ran to the ocean's edge again but the bleeding didn't stop. She prayed he didn't smell it as she stuck her whole body underwater enjoying the warmth.
    She watched him dream all day til the sun started to set, her eyes adjusting as it got darker. Her arm was still cracked from the adaptation that wasn't actually needed. He stirred from sleep, and she thought for a second. Was he going to go after from the sent of blood?
  18. Ru had felt the sun go down and soon day became night. Once the sun was fully down, he woke up with a jolt. He smelt the scent of blood, but it hadn't driven him to drink. His previous snack had cured his hunger and won't need to feed til the following night. This was good because he had no idea how to get off the island. "I just want to get away from these hypocritical Christians." He mumbled to himself.Why must I have been turned all those years ago? To be the same age for all eternity and hated all the while? "Could you tell me where the closest landmass is?" He shouted in the direction of the water, where he could smell blood.
  19. Hurdor stood up still trying to stop the bleeding. "Closet land is either South Korea, or southern most part of Russia." She said walking up to him again, her one arm wrapped in seaweed. "How you sleep?" She sat down starting to braid her hair. He still looked tiered as he sat there. "An what is the plane."
  20. "I don't know what the plan is. I need to find a way to get to Russia. Its quicker to where I want to go. Problem is, how do I get there?" He looked at Hurdor, ignoring the other questions. She was staring at him, thinking of something. He knew not what and did not care. She could go on and be free. He on the other hand, was stuck in a rut. Why does she not leave. She has a chance to escape the church, yet she stays here with me. Why? I did what anyone would do for someone like us in that situation.