Of Training, Sparing and Adventuring!

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  1. Here's the thing; I am looking for a partner that will be able to help me practice my combat scenes, be able to posts a few paragraphs per post and, most important of all, be able to make a plot with me that will have both plenty of combat between our characters yet be engaging in other essential points such as world building, lore and character development as well.

    I want a good plot of increasingly epic proportion, so we can add characters if we want and hopefully not be bored in less than a week. Someone of at least sixteen years of age and able to play both genders would be a bonus, of course.

    Fandom or Original plots wanted. Please inquire about the former with me if you have a good idea for a fandom. Thank you, and good day!
  2. I would like to take you up on that.
  3. Good, then do send me a PM with your ideas, if you have any to share :).