Of the Highest Court

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  1. For as long as man could remember, fey have been coexisting along side each other. Fey have been helping mankind. They helped them learn how to hunt, find good berries, and provide themselves with shelter.

    But that has long since pass and humans began to gain knowledge. They started to hate and resent the faire folk. And society pushed them to the forest.

    The fey did not care, but began working on their society. In the forest, there are courts that are governed by a monarch. The house of light, the house of dark, the house of earth, the house of the sky, the house of fire, and the house of ice. Normally, fey from other courts don't interfere with their neighboring courts. But their mischief had gotten out of hand and caused further problems with men.

    During the medieval times, the for monarchs had a meeting to help solve the problem. During several days of debate, they decided to make a school for fey to teach their heritage, respect, honor, discipline, and how to live peacefully among humans.

    Among these students, at the university of higher being in London, England, these two have shown great promise of being monarchs. And this is their tale of their lives.
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  3. (I'm sorry, Nyxie, but Ashaekin and I are already doing this rp as we planned and created it beforehand but I'd be willing to do another rp if you want.)

    The air shimmered with a smeltering heat despite the cool gentle breeze. All seemed quiet, a peaceful silence enveloping everything. It seemed to stretch on for a few calm soothing hours. But suddenly it was broken by the crash of a door being flung open and a fey- a girl- erupted out. Her feet sped quickly over the grass and she risked a glance behind her. No one was behind her yet but it was only a matter of time before they caught up. She scanned for a hiding place- there! And changed direction. She clambered up the tree, trying to be as quick as she could without falling. Once up she hid herself amongst the leaves and peered down, not daring to move, not daring to breath.
    Two other fey soon passed beneath her hiding place their eyes searching for something- or someone. Whatever it was they didn't find it there and they moved on.
    Sumatra stifled the urge to giggle in case they were still within earshot. The two fey had been looking for her but they hadn't been clever enough to catch her.
    Thank god they didn't see who I was, she giggled, leaping down.
    Moments before she had grown bored of her lessons and decided to play a prank or two but she hadn't been careful enough and had nearly been caught. Lucky for her her chasers hadn't been so fast- or so practiced at escaping. Sumatra threw herself onto the cool grass, catching her breath.
    That was fun!
    It was a break from the endless lectures. Endless because everyone had such high expectations of her. They said she had a bright quick-thinking mind that could easily rule her court. If only they didn't pile her with so much, didn't they understand she was a fey- she liked a little freedom now and then. And a little mischief.
    For now, she savoured her freedom, relaxing in the shade of the tree before someone would come searchig for her.
  4. The dark fey had been running along the wall of the school. The old Victorian structure gave the look of a medieval castle. It made him feel at ease. Then he noticed a fey run up the wall and sprinted through the woods followed by guards. At first, being a good fey, he thought not to. But he was curious. He followed not far behind the guards, sticking to the shadows. When they dispersed, not being able to find the fey, he approached a tree and leaned against it. "Nice hiding spot." He said calmly. "Why were you running?"
  5. Sumatra's eyes snapped open and she looked up at the boy,
    "I tricked them," she said, standing and stretching. "But they saw me and I ran."
    She looked at him with a mischievous light in her serious grey eyes.
    "They were idiots anyway."
    Studying his face, Sumatra frowned. She thought she recognised him but she wasn't sure who he was and was about to ask him when a thought struck her.
    "How did you know I was hiding anyway? Were you following me?"
  6. Ru saw the look in her eyes and thought of the things he could do with her to have fun. All the mischievous deeds. "I wasn't following you. Just curious as to why teachers were chasing after you. That was all."
  7. She stood, dusting herself off choosing not to explain to him any further.
    "You don't think they saw my face do you?" Sumatra said, looking around to make sure it really was clear.